BCFT offers a full range of professional courses, each of which can be tailored to the individuals requirements and needs.

PPL (A) Private Pilot Licence

Duration: Minimum 2 months
The PPL (A) is the initial stage of flight training towards the frozen ATPL (A)

Pre-Course Requirements

None, however, students must be aware that they are required to hold a minimum of Class 2 medical and be over the age of 16 prior to going Solo and be 17 years of age for licence issue. It is highly recommended that you hold your Class 1 Medical prior to commencing training.

Flight Training

45 Hours Minimum Flight Training to include a minimum of

  • 10 hours solo
  • 35 hours dual

PPL Skill test with an Authorised CAA Examiner

Ground Training

  • 9 Ground Exams
  • 1 Radio Telephony Test – oral and written


  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Communications
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight


NQ – Night Qualification

This rating allows you to fly at night as well as being a requirement for commencing your CPL Course of training.

Pre-entry Requirements

This can be completed during the PPL(A) if the other PPL requirements are met i.e. 10 hours solo + 35 hours dual (during daylight)

Training Syllabus

Includes all course materials.

5 hours night training to include:

1 hour navigation

5 take-off and full-stop landings at night as PIC
(1 hour)


3 days

Structured Experience-Building

Duration 8 Weeks

The Structured Hours-Building Course is designed for students to achieve the EASA minimum requirement (150 hours Total Time with 100 hours PIC) in order to commence CPL & IR courses with BCFT. The outline below is tailored for a student with 50 hours flight experience, but the course can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. Options to complete in the UK, USA and Greece are available.

Pre-entry Requirements

  • Current PPL(A), issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  • Current Class 2 Medical (although a Class 1 medical will ultimately be required for a commercial licence)

Course Duration

Normally 8 weeks full-time (weather dependent)

CPL (A) Commercial Pilot Licence

Duration 5 Weeks

The CPL module is a 25 Hour Course of training. 20 hours are completed in a single engined aircraft and 5 in a complex single or multi engined aircraft ( retractable undercarriage and variable pitch propeller). A full multi engine option is also available.

Pre Course Requirements

Hold a PPL (A ) Licence with a total of 170 hours flight time of which 100 must be Pilot in Command and have passed all Theoretical Examinations CPL or ATPL. Hold an RT Licence.


MEP – Multi Engine Piston

Duration 5 days (this course is only available if booked in conjunction with CPL or IR training)

The Multi Engine Piston course enables you to fly multi engine aircaft. This is usually taught pre-instrument rating unless you choose to combine your CPL with the Multi Engine Rating.

Pre Course Requirements

Hold a current PPL / CPL (A ) Licence 70 Hours as PIC (Pilot in Command) of Aeroplanes Hold a Valid Class One Medical.

MEP Course


IR (A) Instrument Rating

Duration 8 Weeks

The Instrument Rating can be attached to either a PPL or a CPL Licence. This can be flown in a single or twin engine aircraft, however, you are generally required to pass your IR Skill Test in a Multi Engine aircraft to obtain the ATPL(A).

Pre Course Requirements

Hold a PPL / CPL (A ) Licence with 70 Hours PIC time

Have passed all ATPL Ground examinations

MEP Class Rating training of 6 hours, including 3.5 hours of asymmetric flight techniques, if completing a Multi-Engine IR

Rating Issue

Hold a Valid Class One Medical

Must be 18 years of age

Completed 100 hours Pilot in Command (to include 20 hours of cross country) with one flight of 300nm

Completed a 5 hour night qualification

Pass the IR Skill Test with a CAA Examiner

IR Course

55 Hours Dual Multi-Engine IR Flight Training – if no CPL (A) held

45* Hours (This includes 10 hours instrument flying credit from CPL (A))

50 Hour Single Engine IR

*Recommended Training Hours at BCFT:
– 30 Hours FNPTll Simulator
– 15 Hours BE76

IR Renewals 

Please contact us for further information and a quotation for your specific requirements.

MCC Multi Crew Co-Operation

Duration 8 Days

The aim of the MCC course is to train students to operate effectively in the Multi Crew environment.

The objectives of MCC training are to foster optimal behavioural aspects, as follows.

  • Decision making
  • Communications
  • Division of tasks
  • Use of checklists
  • Mutual supervision
  • Teamwork and support under normal/abnormal/emergency conditions

The training emphasises the development of non-technical skills which are applicable to working in a multi-crew environment, and must achieve the following.

  • The pilot-in-command fulfils the managing and decision-making functions, whether acting as PF or PNF.
  • The tasks of PF and PNF are clearly specified, and distributed in such as manner that the PF can direct full attention to handing and controlling the aircraft.
  • Cooperation is effected in an orderly manner, appropriate to the normal/abnormal/emergency situations encountered.
  • Mutual supervision, information-sharing and support is ensured at all times.

All instructors are thoroughly familiar with human factors and crew resource management, and current in relevant training methods and new developments.

Theoretical Training

25 hours Ground School Training

Simulator Training

Alsim MCC Full Visual Jet Simulator

  • 20 Hours Dual Training
  • 10 Hrs Pilot Flying(P1) & 10 Hrs Pilot Not Flying (P2)
  • 10 flights of 2 hours plus pre/post briefings

Course Duration

8 Days