Spin training on the FI course

Here’s Joel, one of our soon to be Blackadder’s about to set off for his first lesson on Spinning.

Joel left only moments ago with Blackadder 26 in our Beagle Pup to take on the challenges of Spinning on the FI course that we hold at BCFT.

Joel is working his way through the course steadily, building up the hours and experience to become one of our newest Flying Instructors. On completion of the course he will take up one of the now famous callsigns and become a true Blackadder.

The Pup is a superb aircraft to use for Spin Training, being Aerobatic (within certain G loading) the aircraft can take everything Blackadder 26 can throw at it!

Joel is putting together a video of his training and on completion hopefully we will be able to share it with you all, showing the course from CPL holder to FI!

Interested in joining us? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Theres all kinds of Commercial Pilots

Theres all kinds of Commercial Pilots, and all kinds of roles to suit these people, from flying Single Engine Pistons to the largest of airliners, we will train you and provide a course tailored to your needs.

Our former students fly everything from SEP aircraft on AOC’s and ATO’s to the largrest commercial aircraft the Airbus A380 superjumbo, plus everything in the middle.

Come and have a chat to us to see what we can offer you, Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Our Door Is Always Open

Its been a busy week for both us and those studying for A-Levels, many we are sure received the results they wished for but for those who might be not, don’t panic, you don’t need A-Levels to complete your (F)ATPL training, simply GCSE’s!

Therefore our door is always open and we are always ready and waiting to have a chat about your future. Join us and allow us and Airline Pilot Academy guide you throughout your training and along the path to the flight deck.

For more information, Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Run: For the Beacon

We seem to always manage to capture Pierre with the aircraft, from his in-depth and rigorous ‘A’ checks to flying the aircraft in all weathers, its safe to say he doesn’t shy away.

Here he is prior to departing for a Beacon slot at Yeovil Westland, heading for the airfields NDB to complete several holds and a procedural NDB approach.

On return to Bournemouth he took up a radar vectored ILS to a low approach go around into a low level circuit to land, all in a days work forour students!

Interested in following in his footsteps? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Where are YOU flying today?

Where are YOU flying today?

Our students and Blackadder Instructors are heading all over the south coast from our Bournemouth base, taking on the challenges of flight training.

Heres an image of North Dorset as seen from our Duchess Mike Whisky earlier today as the Blackadder team took on the challenges of Multi Engine flight training.

Our Piper PA28 fleet has also been busy, with PPL, CPL and FIC students taking flight. Blackadder 26 has been busy with Joel and James on the FIC course, teaching the two how to be great Instructors.

Want to know more about the Flight Training courses we can offer? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.


Today we welcome several new faces to the flight centre, all ready and eager to take to the skies!

Two of the students come to use from France, choosing to train in the U.K to improve ‘working’ english and take advantage of the excellent exchange rates, making training for Euro students more affordable.

We always try to make our new students feel at home, and the aircraft below always seems to put a smile on our French students faces when taxiing past Signature!

So to all of our new students starting today, Welcome!

Interested in training with us? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Well Done!

Yesterday was the day many of our current students had been waiting for.

After a busy week of sitting ATPL ground exams, our latest and greatest ATPL student received the fantastic news, one of our most outstanding sittings yet, the word excellent was banded around frequently, to say Team Blackadder is happy, would be an understatement.

For some this means they’ve now come to the end of the exams, moving onto the flying stage of the training. Others will head back into the classroom on Monday to join new faces and continue working towards the final goal of all 14 exams passed!

Again, a huge congratulations from all at BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy. Well Done!

Interested in joining us for the ATPL ground school? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

The weather is on our side

The weather is on our side today, with good weather comes a busy fleet! Its only just lunchtime but all the aircraft have been on several trips today!

Heres Tango Zulu one of our PA28 Cadets and Mike Whisky one of our BE76 Duchess on a crew change, preparing to head out once again for those busy training flights.

The PA28 cadet fleet is currently being used by CPL students, building up experience and knowledge before moving over to our PA28 Arrow HJ or onto the Duchess fleet to gain complex experience before CAA Flight Test.

The Duchess fleet is most busy with our IR and MEP students, with several coming towards the end of their training and preparing for the CAA flight test, one of the last they’ll have before commencing a type rating with future employers.

Interested in following in there footsteps? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Drive it down!

A pearl of wisdom once taught to our CFI Blackadder 08 during his training many moons ago, “Drive it down, just drive it down”, a pearl he passes on to all our students.

Pictured is current student Tom, he’s flying our Duchess Mike Whisky on his BIFM training, bringing him up to speed to ensure the IR runs smoothly.

Tom like many of our students has elected to complete the IR first, initially having to complete the MEP and BIFM training prior to commencing the IR. Soon he will be in the Sim full time, completing a total of 30 hours there before the final 15 on the aircraft.

Interested in following in his footsteps? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.

Office Goals

We often mention how great it is to fly with us and make our aircraft your office, one thats completely unique and unlike any other.

But what comes after? After you finish training with us its time to enter the jobs market, finding the position thats right for you, whether its flying a PA28, a Beechcraft Kingair or something a little bigger, like a Bombardier Dash 8 and Boeing 737.

Thats the Office Goals, the dreams of our students, but certainly attainable, the planes you one day will fly.

As seen below, taken by former student Pat, who now fly’s for TUI Airlines as a First Officer on the Boeing 737, he’s Office dream has become reality.

Hardwork and Dedication pays off, all of our students who work hard, get there, its simple!

Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.