Make the Right Turn


Deciding where to train? Make the right turn and train with BCFT, for both Modular and Integrated.

Maybe you’re asking why? Well, it’s simple, at BCFT we take your success seriously. We want nothing more than high achieving, well-rounded graduates, walking into the employment market armed with all the knowledge and resources needed to get that dream job.

You’ll be flying on the ideal training fleet, getting a firm foundation for flying in every form, from VFR to IFR, using traditional gauges and utilising the most modern of simulators for the MCC/JOC thanks to our partnership with Simtech Flight Simulation.

Our ground school instructors always ensure we are one step ahead of the game, training from the very best material provided by Padpilot, ensuring you go to the exams knowing everything.

Most of all though it’s the ethos of the atmosphere of BCFT that stands us out, always approachable, friendly and for many, BCFT becomes family, where you make friends for life.

So make the right turn and join us. Head to, email us at or if you’d like to have a chat, call us on 01202 596 955 for more information. HL

Integrated Or Modular?

This week hasn’t been the best weather we’ve ever experienced…but it was good enough. Pictured is BLD08 with Dan on his 6th IR trip in the aircraft with Amir, an Airline Pilot Academy student, in the backseat to get a preview of what’s involved.

Both our modular and integrated students sit in the classroom together and then go on to do the commercial flight training. The flight schedules may vary but the end goal and the level of instruction are the same across the board.

If you’re not sure which route will suit you best then be sure to get in contact. Email, head to or call 01202 596 955.

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Well Done Farouq, IR Skills Test Pass!

The BCFT team would like to wish a huge Congratulations to Farouq our former Operations Controller and all round great guy on passing his Instrument Rating Skills test!

Farouq flew aboard November November one of our BE76 Duchess multi engine trainers with EXM91 down to the small Island of Alderney, completing NDB Holds and a timed procedural approach before returning home to Bournemouth for the ILS and single engine go around.

During the test he also had to fly in controlled class A airspace along the Quebec 41 and on return completing GH, including partial panel, stalls and steep turns aerial work.

He has done extremely well, working hard throughout and ensuring that every lesson was a success. Always a pleasure to have around, BCFT wont be the same with out, something we can all agree on.

Farouq is pictured with Alpha Tango, a recent addition to the fleet and a Duchess familiar to the airport and even our apron!

Again, Well Done Farouq from all of the Blackadder team!

Interested in following in his footsteps? Email us at for more information. HL

Cadet to PC-12

We know you’re not supposed to have favourites…

Our neighbours took advantage of the extra space on our apron today whilst manoeuvring, safe in the knowledge our single fleet wouldn’t be going anywhere today due to the weather!

The PC-12 is very much loved here at BCFT with many of our former students employed flying them on a day to day basis and current students often get a sneak peek at our very own PC-12! This versatile aircraft has the ability to perform a number of different roles without sacrificing on the safety and performance you would expect from a twin-engine aircraft.

Everyone has to start somewhere, our single engined fleet is used from the very first flight right through to CPL training…can you tell which is the Cadet and which is the Arrow?

Interested in finding out how to go from the Cadet to the Pc-12?  Email us at for more information

PC12 Apron

Monday Motivation, by Izzy

BCFT students dont really need the Monday Motivation as they know just whats in store for them, but its always nice to gaze on and enjoy the views our students get to witness on a daily basis.

This photo taken by Airline Pilot Academy’s very own Izzy aboard our BE76 Duchess November November earlier on today, showing just how breathtaking the sky can be.

Whilst for many of us, we’ve been stuck in offices and classrooms studying away, theres always the knowledge that soon, like Izzy we will be soaring above the clouds.

Interested in training with us? Email us at for more information. HL.

December 2017 Graduates!

Congratulations to Max and Andrew who completed their MCC/JOC at Simtech just before the Christmas holidays. They’ve earned a well-deserved break and are now polishing up their CV’s ready to find their first job!

With four more students starting at Simtech on Monday and another two who have recently completed their training with us, it is safe to say we are excited to see what 2018 has in store for all our students who graduated in December – and for those who are still in training with us!

Interested in following in their footsteps? Email us at for more information.

Bonjour Blackadder 01

Blackadder 01 will be brushing up on his French over the next month or so as he begins to fly with Nicolas one of our current French students on the IR.

Nicolas completed his CPL and MEP late last year and has now hit the ground running in 2018 taking on the new challenge of the IR, flying first in the ALSIM FNPT2 with Blackadder 01 and eventually on the BE76 Duchess.

Students complete around 30 hours in the Sim and then a further 15 on the aircraft bringing them up to the requirements for CAA test.

Interested in making a change this year? Contact BCFT today, we are always ready and waiting to help. Email us at for more Information.

New Year, New You

New Year, New You!

Are you looking for a new challenge, maybe a new career? Why not become a Commercial Pilot, and take on the challenge and joys of flight.

With BCFT you can train either modular or under our Airline Pilot Academy brand, Integrated to. The choice really is yours and we are ready and waiting to assist where ever we can, supporting you on your journey to the flight deck.

Want to know more about our courses and more importantly what we can offer you? Email us at for more information.

Happy New Year from team Blackadder

A massive Happy New Year to you all from the entire Blackadder team, both staff and students!

Its safe to say we have had one of the best years ever at BCFT, looking back over 2017 we have had more success than ever before, with more students obtaining high pass marks on both the written and practical exams and above all else, more students getting jobs faster than ever before.

We certainly cant wait to see what 2018 holds, rest assured, we, as a team will be working extremely hard to make it better than 2017.

Want to join in on all the fun and more importantly the success? Join us.

Email us at for more information.

Santa chooses BCFT for Licence Conversion

Its a little known fact that Santa recently moved his AOC to Europe, registering his Sleigh on the U.K CAA ‘G’ register for the first time ever.

Whilst we know first hand AOC’s can be tricky, this move wasn’t just delayed by the AOC but also Santa’s FAA licence, as up until this year he usually flew under the FAA banner, holding a FAA ATP.

BCFT was approached by Santa as he knew we specialised in licence conversions and the experts within the Blackadder team set about assisting him where ever they could.

Our fantastic CTKI and his Ground Instrcutors ensured Santa had no problems passing the 14 EASA ATPL exams and our legendary Blackadder Flight Instructors made sure he was up to speed with EASA flying practices in no time.

To celebrate the transition, Santa popped into BCFT this afternoon, posing with our BE76 Duchess November November, the aircraft he flew during his CAA Flight Test and handed our small gifts for Staff and Students.

Santa now holder of an EASA ATPL and Reindeer Sleigh Rating and is ready for this years festivities. Not forgetting our friends at Simtech Flight Simulation who assisted with the MCC/JOC to.

If like Santa you need to convert a licence, make us your first stop, Email the team at and we will ensure, just like Santa, the process is simple and swift.