Established at
Bournemouth International
Airport since 2002

BCFT is ideally placed to offer students the benefit of continuous training in a commercial environment. Additionally, our integrated students will fly abroad in Melbourne, Florida enabling them to gain experience in overseas airspace without compromising on training quality.

Both modular and integrated training offered

Being approved to conduct both integrated pilot training and modular pilot training courses BCFT can find a training programme that is best suited to you, whether you have begun your flight training or are only just getting started. If you’re not sure which course is best for you, get in touch!

Well established and proven courses where the student’s career is the main focus

Commercial flight training, tailored to you.

Flight training is a very personal matter and, hopefully, only ever done once! At BCFT we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to each individual student. With tailored quotes for the CPL – MEP – MEIR, our integrated course or the Jetline Modular programme we can take you from wherever you are in your training right through to the final stage.

Latest News and Events

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Anish goes SOLO

First solo! Anish has recently completed phase 1 of the integrated course. Phase 1 introduces the students to the basics of Flying which...

Ground School – DONE!

Congratulations to Ben, Will and James who have completed their 6 months of ground school with us! Last week our current class sat 65 exams...

Frozen ATPL

Congratulations Reuben on passing your Instrument Rating on the first attempt. Having flown through groundschool, his time in...

Well Done Amir!

Congratulations Amir! Amir took his IR skills test earlier this week and earned himself a first time pass. He flew with EXM58 to Exeter...