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Former Student Follow Up


We posted a few of Harrison’s photos on Instagram today and here’s a few for those of you who don’t follow us at!

Harrison is currently a senior first officer with Ryanair flying the 737-800, based at Stansted. He’s been flying for Ryanair for just over two years, quickly unfreezing his ATPL.

Some of you might be curious about the Learjet 45? Ryanair operate a total of three, used for engineer and crew transport. Harrison and his crew managed to hitch a ride back to base on Ryanair One, one of the Learjets!

Harrison completed all of his training with us, from PPL to MCC! He still finds time to pop in and have a chat with current students, giving them tips and advice about how to best land that first flight deck job!

We’ve also been super busy at our Bournemouth base again today, we have some fantastic news to share with you all tomorrow, so keep a look out!

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BCFT Students at Ryanair


Those of you who keep a close eye on our Instagram account will have seen Theo has sent us in a few photos from recent flying adventures!

Theo is currently a First Officer for Ryanair flying the 737-800. He completed all of his training with us from PPL to IR, after finishing his training he quickly gained employment with Ryanair, flying all over Europe!

Theo gets to fly one of the worlds youngest fleets of aircraft from his base in Tenerife! He still manages to pop back into BCFT from time to time and pass on invaluable advice to current students.

The Boeing 737-800 seats 189 passengers in the configuration Ryanair uses. Full glass avionics sweet coupled with the latest in auto pilot technology makes the 737NG a pleasure for crews to operate!

Its also been a busy day at our Bournemouth base with Jamie Middleton passing his PPL revalidation moving from the JAA to EASA licence. He will now join our ATPL ground school to progress even closer to the flight deck! Congratulations Jamie and well done!

Last but by no means least, a huge congratulations and well done to all our ATPL ground students who passed ATPL exams this week. The nervous wait for results was over this morning when our students received emails telling them how well they had done! We look forward to seeing them back in the aircraft and progressing forward!

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Celebrating our newest Integrated CPL holder

Congratulations Sam Turner!


Sam, one of our Integrated students, passed her Commercial skills test today!

She flew with EXM72 on the BE76 duchess completing her ME CPL. The ME CPL is completed VFR, comprising of a navigation excersise, general handling, instrument work and asymmetric, with an engine shutdown!

Sam will be heading onto the IR phase of the integrated training tomorrow in the sim! She’ll now be getting used to looking at plates and instruments rather than looking out the window for landmarks.

Sam has also importantly earned her second stripe, with the Integrated students gaining the second stripe after successful completion of the CPL.

Well done Sam, a huge congratulations from the entire BCFT team, we know how hard you have been working!

Leeds Pilot Careers Live Exhibition Supported by BA


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We will be on hand to answer all of your questions regarding training, finance and your career.

Follow our Integrated Trainees on Instagram


For those of you who follow our Instagram page you’ll know we promised a few more photos from one of our Integrated students Ian.

Ian has spent the past two months at our fair weather training base in Melbourne, Florida. In Florida our integrated students complete a mix of VFR and IFR flight training and most importantly the completion of their solo QXC.

Just like at our Bournemouth base we encourage students to back seat one another at every opportunity. Ian, always keen to be in the aircraft, back seated as many flights as he could, often snapping some excellent photos.

The photo shows Melbourne International Airport in the midday sun with integrated team departing out for another fun filled training adventure.

Those of you following our instragram page will have seen our students in Florida get the opportunity to explore, from visits to NASA to a simple college basketball game, theres always something going on.

Ian will soon be joining us back at our Bournemouth base to finish of NDB hold training, complete the PT2 test and then move onto the multi engine CPL/IR phase of the integrated training. We can’t wait to see him and continue to support him on his path to the flight deck!

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