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Make this your view

Our last training flight of the day was for PPL student Chris, he headed out on our Piper PA28 Cadet Sierra Foxtrot with instructor Ian or as he’s known in the air, Blackadder 10.

The pair worked hard on the PPL syllabus but did manage to capture the superb sky as the sun prepared to set, they even managed to get back to base just before official night.

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We provide, PPL, CPL, ME and IR training from our Bournemouth base, with the added ability to offer Hours Building both in the U.K and Greece, BCFT can provide a training solution for any cadet.

Well done Kimberly!

Today one of our Jetline Modular students Kimberly completed her very first solo navigation flight.

She headed out from our Bournemouth HQ to the VRP on the fringe of the Bournemouth Zone Tarrant Rushton and then onto Blandford Forum before returning to the airport for a full stop landing.

This flight marks the first of many solo navigations Kimberly will undertake throughout her training, the flights will get longer and her skills and confidence will increase.

She did very well and returned happy and smiling, something we love to see! Well Done Kimberly!

Interested in following in Kimberly’s footsteps, head to for more information on our Jetline course or to for more information on our APA Integrated course.

Nat returns to BCFT post CPL skills test

Nat returned to BCFT today after having a couple of days off following his CPL skills test.

Nat is currently out in November November one of our BE76 Duchess aircraft completing his first lesson of Multi Engine training, after completing the six hours of training he will then head into our Alsim FNPT2 simulator to complete his 30 hours of simulator training for his IR.

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Our Piper PA28 Cadet G-OLSF

Heres our Piper PA28 Cadet parked up at a local airfield. One of our PPL students James took Sierra Foxtrot out on a complex PPL nav route stopping off at this local airfield on the way round.

Carrying on with our trend of can you guess? Can you guess the location of the airfield?

Its fairly famous and once upon a time had its own NDB used by pilots to navigate around the south coast. Comprised of a single grass runway and plenty of parking can you tell us its name?

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Name that plane!

Its another sunny day at our Bournemouth base, with our instructors working hard and our students working even harder!

We managend to catch this photo between training sorties, can you name the jet in the picture?

They’re a regular at Bournemouth, flying in and out on a dailey basis, there General Electric CF700-2D-2 turbofan’s create an impressive sound, you certainly hear them.

So do you know the jet?

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Introducing APA11

Yesterday we introduced our latest APA integrated students, course APA12, the guys have all settled in and from what we hear enjoyed their first day with us! 

Now its time to introduce APA11, they started with us at the end of September and are currently sitting mock exams preparing for their first set of ATPL ground exams. 

They’ve been working hard on Human Performance and Limitations, General Navigation and Aircraft General Knowledge in this phase of their three phase course.

APA11 still have huge smiles on their faces each morning they arrive, they clearly enjoy ATPL exams!

Course APA12 are here!

Say hello to course APA12 our latest APA integrated students!

They all moved into the BCFT/APA hotel yesterday evening and today arrived for their first day of ATPL ground school. After the introductions and tour of the school the guys sat down and got to know more about the aviation industry and flight training with BCFT and APA.

After the team completes their ATPL ground school they’ll head down to the flight school to complete several hours initial training here at our Bournemouth HQ. They will then head to Melbourne in Florida and complete the fair weather training before returning for their advanced training, both CPL and Instrument training on our mighty BE76 Duchess. 

Follow in their footsteps and join one of our APA integrated courses, the next start date is the 30th January 2017. Head to www.apacademy.aerofor more information.

Good Morning!

Good Morning from BCFT! 

Its the start to another fantastic week at our Bournemouth base. Both Blackadder 22 and Blackadder 10 are currently taxing out to launch on PPL training sorties on our PA28 cadet fleet. 

Our new APA Integrated students have arrived and settling in well, there currently having an introduction from our CTKI. Modular course November, Oscar and Integrated Course APA11 are all currently prepping for their mock GNAV exam. 

Come and join us, head to for more information on our modular courses or head to for more information on our Integrated courses.

Welcome to the Family!

Team Blackadder this evening is getting ready to welcome the new APA Integrated student who join us at our Bournemouth HQ tomorrow morning.

They join us initially for there ATPL ground school, after successful completion they then start their flight training, first in the U.K, they then head to Melbourne in Florida before returning to the U.K for advanced training and then onto The Netherlands for their MCC/JOC.

The APA integrated course is an ideal course for any individual with little or no flying experience, those with PPL’s also fit onto the course well! From day one everything is planned, we essentially hold the students hand, leading them through the challenges of flight training.

We can’t wait to meet the new students, look out tomorrow for their course photo!

Want to join our next APA Integrated course? head to for more information, the next course is scheduled to start on the 30th January 2017.

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Have you got your night rating?

One of the many many joys of becoming a pilot is the ability to fly at night, seeing the world in a completely different light and the added challenges this brings.

Any future commercial pilot must complete their night rating prior to starting a Commercial Pilots Licence course, luckily, we at BCFT can help!

With all our instructors qualified to teach the night rating course, join us with our fleet of PA28’s and complete one of the most unique parts of flight training, the best part being, theres no test!

Join the friendly BCFT team and fly under the infamous Blackadder callsign and gain your night rating and see Bournemouth and surrounding areas in a completely new way.

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