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Alex takes on the Highlands

Alex To has been busy in the North of Scotland operating on the SAAB 340 for Scotlands Airline, Loganair.

Alex creates the essential link between Southern Scotland and the Highlands and Islands. Not only does he fly passenger services to places such as Benbecula, Kirkwall, Stornaway and Dublin, he also operates on the SAAB 340A, a cargo only variant between Inverness and East Midlands.

On the Cargo flights Alex performs another essential ‘air bridge’ transporting everything from personal letters to Amazon purchases on behalf of the Royal Mail. 

Alex completed all of his advanced training with us at BCFT, flying Hotel Juliet, November November and Mike Whisky. He was a fantastic, hardworking student, who was determined and committed. It all payed off and he’s now loving life in Inverness!

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Hotel Juliet

Hotel Juliet forms part of our core fleet of aircraft. Used for Single Engine CPL training and complex conversions.

Hotel Juliet is a Piper PA28 Arrow with a complex prop and retractable undercarriage. Seating up to 3 passengers plus one pilot its perfect for flight training.

Students become well versed with performing Practice Forced Landings on the single engine CPL, a requirement for the test.

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Its fairly self explanatory what this item is and more importantly what it shows. But do you know which one of our aircraft its from?

The aircraft in question recently returned back to our Bournemouth HQ after a week long adventure. Its a durable, rugged aircraft that can operate almost anywhere.

We have made it clear, we love this aircraft… you should be able to guess by now!

Let us know, comment and we will tell you if your correct!

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Multi Engine Time!

Our BE76 Duchess fleet is used for both Commercial Flight training and Instrument Rating training from our Bournemouth base.

The Commercial Flight Training consists of a 25 hour CPL course plus 6 hours Multi Engine Training. This all cumulates in the Multi CPL skills test, combing both the Commercial and Multi Engine tests.

Students then head onto the Instrument Rating, having already completed the CPL students receive the reduced course of 45 hours. This is split between Sim and Aircraft. 30 hours are completed on our Alsim FNPT2 and then 15 hours on the BE76 Duchess aircraft.

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Enjoy the Weekend

Its the weekend and that means for many of our students, time to relax!

Our dedicated student accommodation is located on the West Cliff only a stones throw from the great Bournemouth Beaches. From many of the rooms you can even take in the superb sea views looking out towards Swanage Bay and Old Harry Rocks.

Our students often make this most of the great location, its only a five minute walk into town and takes only seconds to get on to the sandy beaches… perfect for sunbathing when the weather is a little warmer. 

The student accommodation has all the facilities you’d expect, a newly refurbished dinning room, lounge area and importantly student work area, allowing students a quiet communal area to work on the challenging ATPL ground school.

We also offer a well stocked and well priced bar, a focal point for the students with pool table and TV’s, perfect to wind down after a busy week.

Our accommodation manager Mike ensures all the students feel at home, he’s always there to support the guys and girls, giving them life tips!

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Well Done Kimberly

Today Jetline student Kimberly completed her QXC flight, flying between Cardiff and Exeter.

The QXC is an important step in the PPL training syllabus, with students gaining the confidence and knowledge of operating solo to several airfields and not just there home.

Kimberly took our Piper PA28 Cadet Tango Yankee on the day trip, enjoying the superb weather at a leisurely pace. Kimberly is now inching ever closer to completing her PPL skills test and then moving onto the ATPL ground school with us soon. 

Well done Kimberly, keep up the good work!

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Name this engine!

The sun is now shining and the wind is perfectly down the runway, a great day for flying!

Keep a look out for our aircraft on flight radar 24 today, we have students and instructors flying all over the south coast.

Kimberly is heading to Cardiff and Exeter for her solo cross country flight, part of the requirements for the PPL. Our Duchess fleet will be out and about performing IR training sorties, keep a look out towards Alderney for Mike Whisky.

Can you name the aircraft that the engine and prop in the picture are taken from?

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We may have started a trend with students now trying to catch interesting pictures of the fleet to win best photo! Maybe we need a competition?

Kimberly one of our Jetline students took this photo this morning on arrival to our Bournemouth training centre. Kimberly is always one of the first to arrive, usually no later than 7:30am! She’s always hardworking and progressing very well, some may say she’s even a natural!

Storm Doris as many of you know has been fairly active throughout the night and into the early morning but has now started to clear and Team ‘Blackadder’ will shortly be taking back to the skies! 

Students have also been taking advantage of our FNPT2 simulator to gain knowledge on how to use the instruments on board their aircraft in a very controlled environment, no matter the weather, theres always something new to learn at BCFT!

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Flying between the clouds

Early last week one of our Airline Pilot Academy students Pete sent us a fantastic photo of Daytona Speedway through the prop of his PA28 during his experience building in Florida.

We thought that the photo was superb, with the prop clear and undisturbed, we now feel though Pete has competition from BCFT Jetline student Harry.

Harry took this photo whilst back seating another Jetline student late last year over towards Salisbury in Wiltshire. The training sortie carried out by Blackadder 22 was all about Instrument Appreciation and Navigation skills. The weather was perfect for it!

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Night Rating – Its Essential

Heres Tango Zulu one of our Piper PA28 Cadets pre night flight.

As we’ve said before, night flying is an important step for any commercial pilot and is a requirement for the CPL/ME/IR advanced training course.

Don’t leave the night rating until the days start growing even longer, you may miss out! Ensure a seamless transition onto the Advanced Training and get your night qualification sooner rather than later.

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