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Working Hard!

Heres Harry and Joel preparing for their upcoming flight lessons.

Harry is on the way to completing his PPL as part of our Jetline flight trainng course and Joel has recently started his Commercial Pilot Licence training.

Both are currently flying on our Piper PA28 fleet, perfect for flight training. Once Joel has completed his initial 10 or so hours he will then move onto our complex trainer, the Piper Arrow, Hotel Juliet.

Hotel Juliet offers extra speed, a complex prop and retractable undercarriage, perfect for CPL training.

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BCFT from the sky

Heres BCFT yesterday afternoon as seen from the back of our Piper PA28 Sierra Foxtrot. The photo was taken by Harvey, who got in contact with us requesting assistance with his A-Level photography project.

Several of our staff and students were more than happy to help Harvey out, posing for photos and completing work whilst he took ‘fly on the wall’ photos.

Harvey then back seated one of our students flights, taking a few photos during the flight and getting to see the fantastic Dorset countryside. 

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Good photo Harvey!

Today we had the pleasure of assisting Harvey with his A-Level Photography.

Harvey contacted us asking if he could come along to our Bournemouth training centre and take some photos of our aircraft and students.

He wanted to catch them in there day to day operations, becoming a ‘fly on the wall’. We showed Harvey around the fleet, including our Pilatus PC12 and introduced him to several students.

BCFT instructor Blackadder 03 and his student Will were more than happy to pose for a few photos pre flight.

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Harvey, Will and Gazza

Night Rating

We are inching closer and closer to the 26th of March, its not just Mothers Day its also the first day of British Summer Time.

The night rating is an important step in gaining your (F)ATPL and must be completed before commencing an advanced flight training course.

With the days growing longer, time is running out to complete your night rating so don’t leave it until the last minute, book in with the BCFT ops team today and secure your night rating.

Contact the ops team at for more information on the courses we offer.

Welcome back Joel

Today we welcomed back a familiar face, Joel!

Joel has joined us to complete his Advanced Training and also an FI course, so his face will certainly become more familiar to many of you over the coming weeks and months.

He headed up into the sky with Blackadder 26, a legendary instructor and examiner, theres very little you can’t learn from the man. Joel is certainly in good hands.

After the initial few hours on our Cadet fleet Joel will go onto fly our Piper PA28 Arrow Hotel Juliet. Our Arrow is a complex version of the basic PA28, with retractable undercarriage and adjustable prop.

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Course Quebec

Say Hello to course Quebec!

Course Quebec are our latest ATPL ground school students. Theyve all settled in well, finding the feet with the challenging exams.

The students on course Quebec joined us in February and will be soon completing their first phase of exams at the CAA at Gatwick.

Lots of hardwork and dedication is paying off for them with excellent results in their recent progress tests. It wont be long before they have all 14 exams completed and start the next step, flying!

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Multi Engine CPL

Did you know?

Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training (BCFT) provides a Multi Engine Commercial Pilots Licence flight training course centred on our Beechcraft BE76 Duchess.

The course consists of an initial six hours Multi Engine Piston conversion training and then onto the twenty five hour commercial pilots licence course.

Students will enjoy flying all over the south coast from our Bournemouth base, to airports like Exeter, Southampton, with even the chance of flying into RNAS Yeovilton on occasion.

The course is completed on our BE76 Duchess fleet, with students flying on either November November or Mike Whisky. Both aircraft are mirrored, to allow easy transition from one to the other. Both aircraft are fitted with the G430 GNS system and traditional instruments.

Our Duchess fleet is fully IFR certified, with students going on to complete the MEIR on the aircraft. Completing the MECPL means that you’ll already have the knowledge and skill to fly the Duchess, only having to learn how to fly on instruments.

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Courchevel Altiport and Jetfly

Gillian has been busy flying Jetfly‘s co-owners into the famous Courchevel Altiport in the ‘go anywhere’ Pilatus PC12.

Gillian is currently a First Officer with Jetfly on the PC12, operating in the multi crew role with experienced captains. She’s been with them for almost a year and says no two days are the same.

Did you know theres two Pilatus in the picture below, the restaurant on the hill is named Le Pilatus and even features one of Jetfly’s golden PC12 on the menu cover

Gillian said its fantastic having lunch at Le Pilatus with all the other crews, as often its not just the one Jetfly PC12 on ramp. She said its a great oppturnity to get to know one another, all sharing their love for the PC12 and its impressive abilities.

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Well Done!

Congratulations to our students who today received some excellent news, the news they completed all 14 of the ATPL Ground Exams.

Several of our students over the last four days have attended the Civil Aviation Authority Gatwick FCL facility completing the last few of their ATPL ground exams.

Now they’ve completed the exams they can move onto the next crucial step, working towards the Commercial Pilots Licence.

Completing the ground exams is a huge milestone for any budding pilot, with hardwork and dedication the exams are more than attainable, with students often achieving over 90% averages across all the exams.

Team Blackadder would like to say a huge congratulations and a massive well done to all of our hardworking students, next stop CPL.

Our next ATPL ground school class takes off early April, interested in joining us? Email us at for more information.

Take the first step with us

The hardest step to take is the first one, take that step with us and join the ‘Blackadder’ family.

Whether your wanting to train Modular or Integrated, we have a flight training course that will suit you.

BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy have both options, our modular courses run under the BCFT name with Integrated under APA. We also have options to train overseas, in Greece, The U.S.A and The Netherlands.

We are ready and waiting to assist you on your very own bespoke path to the flight deck, your career really is our priority, we like seeing nothing more than our students succeeding.

Want to know more about the courses we can offer? Head to for Modular or to for Integrated or email us at for more information.

Take that first step today.