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Earlier today Tommaso’s one of our current PPL student brought along his family to watch him depart and enjoy a series of circuits here at Bournemouth.

Tommaso’s parents have traveled up from Italy to visit and see what their son has been up to, his dad even managed a little ride in the back of the aircraft to see exactly what his son is now capable of!

Later on today Tommaso headed into the circuit at Bournemouth solo with instructor Blackadder 10 and family watching from the ground.

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Well Done Christian

A huge congratulations to Christian who completed his PPL on our Piper PA28 SF this afternoon, flying with our in house examiner Blackadder 26.

Christian flew a flawless test, even receiving a firm well done from the often quiet Blackadder 26! Thats really something to be proud of!

Christian is one of our Modular Jetline students who will now head in to the classroom to complete the ATPL ground school phase. During this time he will also complete hour building at a pace that suits the classroom learning environment.

Once again Christian well done from all of Team ‘Blackadder’, a well deserved pass from another hardworking and dedicated student.

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Harrison takes flight

Yesterday afternoon former student Harrison dropped by our Bournemouth base and had a chat to current students and caught up with the ‘Blackadder’ Team.

Harrison’s currently a First Officer on the Boeing 737-800 with Europes largest airline Ryanair, joining them soon after finishing his training with us.

Harrison’s currently based at Stansted but came to cover crew at there Bournemouth base this week, meaning not only did our students get to have a chat with him, they also got to see him fly to!

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SUV of the skies

Heres the flight deck of our Pilatus PC12 G-TRAT, its a legacy flight deck but still offers a nice mix of ‘glass’ and ‘steam’ driven gauges.

Our PC12 is currently in Portugal at Faro Airport, enjoying the Southern tip of the slightly warmer country.

Our PC12 seats up to 8 passengers in the main cabin plus one up the front if needs be. The PC12 is crewed Single Pilot but can be Multi Crew if operations require.

Its considered the SUV of the skies, able to operate almost anywhere with ease.

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Its always interesting to visit our maintenance partners Airtime with the vast selection of aircraft in their hangars, let alone the neighbouring hangars!

Heres M-SNER a Falcon 2000 based at Bournemouth in the hangar adjacent to Airtime. Its no secret Bournemouth is home to an array of Falcons, from the F20’s of Cobham through to some of the three engined variants to!

M-SNER departed shortly after the photo was taken, passing by BCFT’s base adjacent to taxiway Mike and the threshold for runway 08.

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This photo taken by conversion student Rajeshori recently during her MEP training. She took to the skies with Mark and Blackadder 26.

Can you spot something thats not usual in this photo? Something that might stand out?

Every multi engine student undergoes the training pictured, and whilst its hoped not to be a regular occurrence ‘on line’ students still have to practice and show how they handle the scenario.

Can you tell us what Blackadder 10 and his crew were up to on this flight?

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Hover Taxi

Whilst on the apron this afternoon we caught NPAS Bournemouth hover taxing along taxiway Mike approaching their facility adjacent to our Apron.

Its always very impressive to see how the Police crews handle the powerful helicopters, especially operating into the sometimes restricted space of the NPAS Apron.

Airline Pilot Academy student Ben went Solo this afternoon for the first time in the pictured Tango Yankee! This is a huge leap for any future Pilot, Ben will now consolidate before heading to APA’s fair weather training base in Melbourne, Florida.

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Join us!

Are you working towards your CPL? Looking at different routes to the flight deck?

Join us and train on the BE76 Duchess, a superb, stable training aircraft, perfectly suited to CPL and IR training.

The Duchess offers seating for up to four, retractable undercarriage, variable pitch props and two 180hp Lycoming engines.

The onboard G430 combined with traditional instrumentation and slaved compass mean Navigation is simple and straightforward. Fly the CPL routes with ease and look forward to those diversions.

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Dedication, Hardwork

Its the end to another busy day and busy week at BCFT!

We’ve had a fantastic week, with the superb weather our students have all been progressing well! Our training fleets wheels have barely touched the tarmac, its been that busy!

As the sun sets on this week, we look forward towards the next, another week of hardwork and dedication from our devoted students means its easy for our superb instructors to help tutor the next generation of Commercial and Airline flight deck crew. 

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Blackadder Friday!

Heres our twins this morning Mike Whisky and November November prior to departure!

Both heading off on unique flights, Airline Pilot Academy student Pete heading off with CFI Blackadder 08 and BCFT student Peter heading off with Blackadder 24.

The twins have been busy this week with Rajeshori and Mark both completing there MEP training with Blackadder 26. From Monday they will be heading into the sim with Blackadder 01 to commence their IR training.

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