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Our Monday Motivation is seeing the apron empty, that brings a smile to our faces and certainly one to our Operation Manager!

Heres a lone Duchess between training flights with a PC12 lurking in the background, fitting as one of our former students Nat who flys the type joined us at the school for lunch today.

Nat recently joined our partners Jetfly flying their Pilatus PC12’s as a first officer. He’s naturally progressing well through his line training and will soon be released to the line fully.

Its always nice to catch up with former students and here about their adventures, one thing is for certain, theres always an adventure!

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The Silver How

Our students have sole access to the Silver How Hotel located on the West Cliff in Bournemouth, close to the superb Bournemouth beaches.

The hotel offers ensuite bedrooms, a bar, recreational area, study area, large kitchen and dining room and a relaxing garden space with bike storage.

We feel it provides everything a student could need and more whilst training with us. Our Hotel manager Mike, is always ready to help and support the students, ensuring they have everything they need to flourish.

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BLACKADDER ZERO8 our Chief Flying Instructor.

Pictured, Max one of our current CPL students who’s been flying the BE76 Duchess with Blackadder 08, coming up to speed to ensure he’s ready for the CAA Flight Test, and from what we’ve seen, he is!

Below the pair are out on a CPL navigation expertise, refining the important skills, ensuring Max arrives where he wants to time after time. The Duchess offers a superb platform to learn this skill on, stable and reliable its a dream to fly.

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Pictured below with Tango Zulu tail is one of the three US Navy C-40A’s that visited Bournemouth over the last few days supporting the USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier moored in the Solent.

Fifteen of the aircraft were produced for the US Navy in total, based on the 737-700NG airliner flown by many of our former students.

Its always a pleasure to welcome different types in, especially when those types are operated by Air Forces from around the world.

We’ve had a busy day today at base, with several visits from prospective students plus several training flights conducted by our Blackadder’s!

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Sam and Pierre plus Blackadder 01

Heres November November after Sam’s most recent IR training flight with Blackadder 01. Sam was joined on the flight by IR partner Pierre, who jumped in the back to observe the techniques needed to succeed and to see how easy it is to make mistakes when working flat out!

Everyone returned with smiles, something we weren’t expecting with the challenging weather conditions this afternoon, Sam took them on like a pro and other than some bumps and final approach faced no problems!

Both Sam and Pierre are coming ever closer to the end of the IR course, but both are progressing very well.

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BCFT is always excited to help and assist other aviation companies where ever we can.

G-CJJO one of the newest Britten-Norman Islanders in existence arrived this morning after an air test in the local airspace.

The Islander will soon depart for its new home in Germany with FLN Airlines.

It was a pleasure to great the aircraft and the crew and we look forward to hopefully working with them whenever we can in the future.

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Heres Ben one of our current CPL students preparing to taxi for runway 26 earlier on today, flying our Arrow Hotel Juliet with Blackadder 10.

Ben is midway through his CPL training and getting ever closer to the important CAA Flight Test, but with the expert guidance from our friendly Blackadder 10, we are sure Ben will pass with flying colours.

We offer both the Single Engine and Multi Engine CPL courses, able to tailor the courses to individuals we can even mix between the two types to offer you a course that works for you.

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Push Back

We’ve had a very busy week so far at BCFT, our Bournemouth base has been bustling!

With several new students joining the flgihtline theres been plenty of new faces around, we also welcomed back some familiar ones also.

Heres our two BE76 Duchess, November November and Mike Whisky, sometimes you have to get a little hands on and push the aircraft in the direction you want them to go. Luckily our students don’t shy away from getting hands on, always a good trait in a pilot!

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HoT Blackadder 24

Our Head of Training John is renowned in the Kingair world and still offers training on the aircraft to several operators throughout the U.K.

Today IAS Medical headed to the airport for OPC and LPC training on the type overseen by John before heading out to the north towards Farnborough for a VIP Charter.

With operations like this students get the chance to get up close and personal with different types, including Pilatus PC12’s, Beechcraft Kingair’s and Gulfstream Aerocommanders.

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Duchess time!

Earlier this afternoon Sam Spencer completed his first flight on the Duchess as part of his IR training.

Sam elected to complete the IR first, so had a few more hours on the Duchess compared to our usual IR students having completed the BIFM training.

Sam took to the skies aboard Mike Whisky with the famous Blackadder 01, that’s right Blackadder 01 is back airborne, where he belongs!

Sam will now go on to complete a further 14 hours in the aircraft before skills test, getting to grips most importantly wth holds!

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