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BCFT gets you close

Theres no words really needed for this photo, it has two of the best things at Bournemouth currently, BCFT and the RAF Red Arrows! Our students can get close, very close to arriving and departing aircraft, as you can see from them stood in the high vis jackets close by to Hotel Juliet. Interested in flying with us? Getting to fly real aircraft, in a real world environment? Join us for our Modular (F)ATP course or Airline Pilot Academy’s Integrated. The choice is yours. Email us at for more information.

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HJ and BLD 10

Blackadder 10, Ben and Hotel Juliet took to the skies earlier today to continue Ben’s CPL flight training. Hotel Juliet is our Piper PA28 Arrow used for the complex side of the CPL, a minimum of 5 hours has to be flown on the type but usually students elect to fly around 10. Hotel Juliet boasts a complex prop, retractable undercarriage, comfortable leather chairs and a powerful fuel injected engine. Students fly HJ as part of our Single Engine CPL course. Interested in knowing more? Email us at for more information.

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Theres also congratulations in order for Danico today who passed his Instrument rating yesterday. Danico came to us to convert his FAA IR to the European Standard, EASA. He’s completed this on a bespoke course set out to ensure he was EASA ready, he flew with Blackadder 01 on the ALSIM and BE76 Duchess. The handwork put in by Danico and the Blackadder team meant he was ready for skills test in minimum time, and meant he passed! Well Done! Interested in our more unique courses? Email us at for more information.

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Well Done!

Congratulations to Max who completed his CPL yesterday on our BE76 Duchess Mike Whisky. Max took to the skies with EXM 108 one of the U.K CAA Flight Test examiners, who put him through his passes, but like all of our students, Max took it in his stride, passing! Max will now go on and complete the ME/IR, heading into the Sim shortly to start the rigorous 30 hours of FNPT2 Simulator time. We will be sure to update you all of Max’s progress over the coming weeks. Email us at for more information.

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Blackadder 22

The sun is out, our props are turning, its going to be a busy Bank Holiday weekend! Blackadder 22 departed only an hour ago aboard Hotel Juliet with CPL students Orn and Martial to conduct the transition training onto the Arrow. The trio will be working hard all morning and early afternoon before Blackadder 22 takes to the skies with Clement for initial CPL training on the PA28 Cadet fleet. If you see us flying around today, wave, you never know we might spot you! Email us at for more information.

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Blackadder 16 and Aaron

Blackadder 16 and Aaron landed only moments ago, prior to the departure of the RAF Typhoon, with us all standing proudly outside viewing their departure. Aaron is currently completing the MEP training with us before moving onto the CPL and IR training. Aaron is progressing well, Blackadder 16 passing on his almost countless years of knowledge and skill. The pair were flying our BE76 Duchess Mike Whisky, one of the workhorses of the fleet, an aircraft loved by students and instructors the same. Put simply, it a joy to fly. Now its time for the weekend, check back tomorrow for more updates, its the weekend, but a busy one! Email us at Interested in our Integrated course? Head to Airline Pilot Academy for more info!

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The BBMF Spitfire recently landed at Bournemouth on this very sunny Friday! The BBMF and RAF are based here for the weekend with the Spitfire and two Typhoons, certainly an interesting mix of aircraft for our students to see before a great bank holiday weekend. The Blackadder Team will be busy through the weekend flying our fleet with our mix of CPL and IR students. Keep a look out for us, you might be able to spot us! Email us at for more information.

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Our Courses

Heres Farouq with Blackadder 01 aboard our Duchess Mike Whisky earlier on today. This was Farouq’s second lesson back on the Duchess after flying the Cadet fleet during his CPL training. We offer various courses one of them being the Multi Engine CPL with Single Engine basic training that Farouq is undertaking. This reduces costs and maximises learning. For this course, students complete the MEP (6 Hours) then the basic CPL training on the PA28 (15 hours) and then the Advanced CPL training (10 hours) on the BE76 Duchess Multi Engine. The CPL test includes the multi engine rating, saving costs again. This means we can offer a tailored course, thats competitive and well suited to the next generation of airline pilots. Want to know more? Email us at for more information.

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Theres always a route, with Hardwork

Congratulations to all those who have received GCSE results today, we are sure many of you are over the moon. A good set of GCSE results gives you the foundations for a career ahead, but don’t panic if you didn’t get the results you wanted, with hardwork and dedication theres always a route to success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, whilst we require students to be at least 18 to train with us, we can help answer any questions you have about GCSE results or routes to the flight deck. Join our Bubble! Email us at for more information.

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Spin training on the FI course

Here’s Joel, one of our soon to be Blackadder’s about to set off for his first lesson on Spinning. Joel left only moments ago with Blackadder 26 in our Beagle Pup to take on the challenges of Spinning on the FI course that we hold at BCFT. Joel is working his way through the course steadily, building up the hours and experience to become one of our newest Flying Instructors. On completion of the course he will take up one of the now famous callsigns and become a true Blackadder. The Pup is a superb aircraft to use for Spin Training, being Aerobatic (within certain G loading) the aircraft can take everything Blackadder 26 can throw at it! Joel is putting together a video of his training and on completion hopefully we will be able to share it with you … Continue reading

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