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Tom and Andrew head to EGTK

Earlier today Tom and Andrew headed to Oxford Airport EGTK in our Duchess Mike Whisky for another important IFR training flight. They headed their with Blackadder 08 our current CFI.

Oxford has recently become a more popular IR test route so we have adapted and ensured our students are well versed with the route and its quirks.

Tom and Andrew are both progressing very well, working extremely hard and supporting one another well, they have taken to the course like ‘ducks to water’ and will soon be joined by a CAA flight test examiner.

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Hotel Juliet and NPAS Bournemouth

Heres Hotel Juliet with Blackadder 22 and Dan aboard heading off for his first flight on the Arrow.

The flight will consist of general handling and familiarisation, getting Dan used to the characteristics of the aircraft and simply, where things are and of course, raising and lowering the gear.

NPAS Bournemouth joined us for a ‘cheeky’ photo bomb! Head over to Airline Pilot Academy and see their very skilled landing back on the NPAS apron.

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Hotel Juliet

Heres Hotel Juliet our Piper PA28 Arrow used for Single Engine CPL flight training. The Arrow seats four persons in comfort, climbing with ease thanks to its complex prop and retractable undercarriage.

Pictured behind the Arrow is one of the TUI Boeing 737 based at Bournemouth flying to all kinds of destinations throughout Europe an afar. One of our former students Pat now flys for the airline from their Gatwick base, operating the 737 with ease.

The photo below was taken by Dan one of our current CPL students, who in the near future will begin flying the Arrow, building his experience and skill ready for the U.K. CAA flight test.

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Mike Whisky and Andrew

Heres Andrew sat aboard Mike Whisky with engines running prior to taxi last week. Andrew is currently completing his ME/IR on the aircraft beginning to fly the routes he could be excepted to test on.

Pictured in the background is a type familiar to many of our former students, the Boeing 737. One of our former students who left us for Flybe, joined TUI on the 737 earlier in the year and has since operated from Bournemouth on occasion.

The photo was taken by Dan who’s one of our current CPL students flying both the Arrow and Cadet fleet. He’s a former BCFT/Kingston University student who gained a first class honours degree earlier this year.

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Oil Spill Response

As we mentioned yesterday 2Excel Aviation B727 have been operating from Bournemouth airport on high dynamic manoeuvres off the south coast training ready to respond to any Oil Spill Response Limited mission.

Heres our students waving off the Boeing 727 earlier today, those who weren’t in the ground school or busy preparing flights made it outside to witness the roar of the aircraft.

Its always an impressive sight to see at Bournemouth and fantastic to see the type still flying.

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Prior Prep Prevents Poor Performance

Prior Preparation is important and as many of you know, prevents poor performance, something our students know very well!

The five P’s are the ones to remember and if you live by that moto then your sure to do very well, just like the two pictured, Martial and Antoine. Both students are currently completing their MEP training on the Duchess prior to commencing their IR training.

There pictured aboard our Duchess Mike Whisky going through the important emergency checklists, something they’re expected to know off by heart.

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Dan and his Camera

Dan is one of our former Kingston University students who after completing his course has joined us back at BCFT HQ in Bournemouth to complete his CPL and ME/IR.

When you get to know Dan, you will get to know one thing more than anything, he loves taking photos, and he’s very good at it! Heres a picture of our beloved Duchess November November taken whilst Dan was studying for his Degree and ATPL’s at our Bournemouth HQ.

Dan then went to study at Kingston for his third and final year and completing his degree and obtaining a First Class Honours. He’s now back with us and doing just as well with his flying!

In partnership with Kingston University we now offer a slightly different course, with students studying for the University aspect of the course solely at Kingston and the flying under the Airline Pilot AcademyIntegrated branding with us at Bournemouth and in the U.S.A.

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Well Done Antoine

In the words of Antoine himself, I believe I can fly, luckily for him so does the U.K CAA and he is now the proud holder of a Commercial Pilots Licence.

Antoine flew with EXM108 from Bournemouth on our Piper Arrow Hotel Juliet completing a flawless demonstration of the skills required and upon reaching our apron he was given the good news, a pass!

After a quick debrief and a congratulations from all at BCFT, Antoine made his way quickly to the Pilatus/Jetfly apron where he boarded the PC12 for a quick maintenance flight.

Antoine came to us from Jetfly having been in a ground based role with the company but wishing to fly high and join the now famous flight crew operating across Europe un the Mosquito callsign.

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Course Sierra and Tango

Heres the guys from Course Sierra enjoying the last few hours of ATPL ground school and Tango enjoying the last few hours of phase 2.

Next week is they’ll be hard at work preparing for the CAA, completing mock exams and refining knowledge. The following week they’ll head to Gatwick and commence the all important ground exams.

We have several new starters joining us next week for the Airline Pilot Academy Integrated course and several the week after for the ATPL Modular course.

Theres still time and space to join, Email us at for more information.

Antoine and the Arrow

Heres Antoine taxing for Runway 26 yesterday afternoon aboard our Piper Arrow Hotel Juliet.

He was flying with Blackadder 22 one of our CPL instructors, an expert in refining the skills needed to pass the CPL flight test.

Antoine is a huge fan of the single engine aircraft and a huge admirer of the Pilatus PC12, something we can’t help but relate to.

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