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Izzy and Blackadder 19

Heres Izzy and Blackadder 19 taxiing out for holding point Mike for a runway 08 departure.

The pair and Tango Zulu are heading to the Bravo India Alpha for the NDB to take on some more holds and eventually a procedural ILS.

This all forms the training preparing Izzy for her PT2 as part of the Airline Pilot Academy Integrated course. After PT2 she will begin to fly the BE76 Duchess to take on the advanced training.

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Scary Fox, Blackadder 10 and Gareth

Heres Scary Fox, Blackadder 10 and Gareth our newest CPL student.

Gareth completed his ATPL ground school studies with us and has now joined us for the CPL, MEP and ME/IR. He will initially fly the Cadet fleet, then the Arrow and eventually move onto our Multi Engine Trainer the BE76 Duchess.

Scary Fox recently returned from overhaul, receiving a new paint scheme to match out coperate livery. It now stands out in the sky like the other aircraft in our fleet.

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This photo captured by Antoine shows our Apron during the bright sunrise this morning, can you spot the small amount of frost on the Duchess?

Antoine joins us from Jetfly to complete his CPL, MEP and ME/IR. He flew the CPL skills test with flying colours and is now completing his ME/IR. He’s currently on the Sim phase flying with Blackadder 08.

The aircraft have all been very busy today, making the most of the ‘gin’ clear sky’s and fair winds.

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Hotel Juliet is seen here with Andrew and Tom aboard looking over the aircraft getting a feel for the Arrow before taking flight later this week.

Tom and Andrew recently completed the ME/IR course and are now halfway through the CPL course, reduced to only 15 hours as they hold the IR.

Tom and Andrew will be soon taking flight in the Arrow, transitioning from the PA28 Cadets they’ve quickly become accustomed to.

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Tango Zulu

The team had a busy day yesterday completing all sorts of flights across the entire fleet. Heres Tango Zulu basking in the late afternoon sun after arriving back to the BCFT apron after its last flight of the day.

Airline Pilot Academy student Izzy completed this last flight, flying with Blackadder 19 on NDB holds and NDB procedural approaches. This forms part of the syllabus for our Integrated course prior to the PT2 assessment.

Today SF will be the latest of the fleet to adorn the updated livery, with the BCFT wings, website and roundel being added.

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Congratulations Team Blackadder

Team Blackadder would like to wish a huge congratulations to the former students who received the fantastic news today that they will become First Officers for Europes largest Pilatus PC12 Operator Jetfly.

We are also ecstatic to announce that Airline Pilot Academy has 100% employment for all former students, with Peter and Alex joining Jetfly also.

Well done to all! Keep up the handwork.

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Alex and the SAAB 340

Flying the Highlands and Islands of Scotland comes with challenges but for those challenges crews are rewarded with fantastic views and unique flying opportunities.

This photo taken back in the summer by our former student Alex of his SAAB340 on one of the remote communities aprons.

The aircraft he flies are undergoing a makeover to come under the new branding of Loganair, the airline of Scotland.

Alex completed his CPL, MEP and IR flight training with us and only 8 days after finishing his training gained employment with Loganair.

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Our Pilatus PC12 G-TRAT is currently being prepared for flight, ready for its next adventure.

Our PC12 is housed in a purpose built hangar at our Bournemouth facility that also houses classrooms and offices for our students and staff.

We are also an approved ATO for Pilatus PC12 Class rating training all conducted in house with Blackadder 26 taking charge and delivering the course.

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Blackadder and the BIFM

Heres Blackadder 26 and Blackadder 10 arriving back to the BCFT apron with Patrick at the controls after his BIFM flight today.

Students who complete the IR before the CPL complete the Basic Instrument Flight Module (BIFM) prior to commencing the IR. This ensures they have all of the skills needed to tackle the IR head on.

The BIFM is delivered through Simulator and Aircraft training, alternating between the two over a period of 10 hours.

Patrick recently completed his MEP and is now getting used to the IR and BIFM, taking flight for the first time today on the aircraft.

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11 Days

Its now only 11 days until the Pilot Career Live event at London Heathrow.

The event is guaranteed to inform and inspire you on how to become an airline pilot, Pilot Careers Live is Europe’s leading career exhibition.

Need more reasons to go? BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy will be there in our usual spot, with the Blackadder team on hand to answer all the questions you may have.

Come say hello.

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