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Congratulations on passing your CPL Tom!

Congratulations to Tom who yesterday passed his Commercial Pilots Licence skills test flying with EXM51 aboard our Piper PA28 Arrow Hotel Juliet.

Tom joined us for his advanced training, recently passing his IR and MEP ratings with us and most recently tacking on the challenge of the CPL.

Tom has a background in Microlight Instructing and decided to make the jump to slightly larger aircraft last year, with the Blackadder team supporting him along the way.

Well Done Tom, a well deserved pass!

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Blackadder 28 and Chris

Heres our newest instructor Blackadder 28 departing the apron with his PPL student Chris for another action packed flight lesson.

Blackadder 28 has completed all of his training with us, aiming to become an advanced instructor, flying our entire fleet.

Chris is currently midway through his PPL training and getting on really well, making the most of the challenging conditions the winter weather can offer.

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The Twins

The Twins parked as a pair this morning prior to departure.

November November was crewed by Blackadder 10, Izzy and Nicolas. This was Nicolas’ very first MEP flight and one he will no doubt not forget for a long while.

Mike Whisky crewed by Blackadder 01 and Farouq heading out for a IFR training flight, building Farouq’s confidence and skills, working towards his CAA skills test.

Blackadder 24 was also on the flightline this morning aboard Sierra Foxtrot with Airline Pilot Academy student Pratik.

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Congratulations Andrew!

We had another pass over the weekend, this time Andrew Gladders, passing his Commercial Pilots Licence Skills test with Exam 51 heading out aboard our Piper PA28 Arrow Hotel Juliet.

Andrew has completed his Multi Engine Piston, Instrument Rating and now his Commercial Pilots Licence with us. We are over the moon that Andrew has succeeded, he’s worked unbelievably hard throughout his time with us and always a happy chappy, a pleasure to teach and be around.

Once again Andrew, well done, now enjoy your time with Simtech Flight Simulation on your MCC/JOC course, good luck!

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Congratulations Max

Congratulations Max on passing your Multi Engine Instrument Rating on our BE76 Duchess Mike Whisky.

Max completed his ATPL ground school, Commercial Pilots Licence, Multi Engine Piston Rating and Instrument Rating with us, flying the BE76 throughout.

A strong sense of dedication and commitment has helped throughout, with hard work your dream has come true. Now one more course to complete before you’ll happily hold a (F) ATPL… the fun of the MCC/JOC. We cant wait to see the updates from Simtech Flight Simulation and how you progress through the course with them.

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Simtech and BCFT

For many years BCFT students have made the decision to head to Dublin and complete their MCC/JOC’s with the renowned Simtech, all returning to Bournemouth praising the company.

Earlier in the year we entered into a Partnership with Simtech allowing our students a seamless transition from CPL/ME/IR training with us in Bournemouth to MCC/JOC training with Simtech in Dublin.

Simtech and their superb instructors offer fantastic training, in a superb location in modern facilities. The excellent instructors have many thousands of hours of commercial multi crew flying and know exactly how to pass it on to the next generation.

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Cheeky Chap Antoine

Our cheeky chap Antoine seen here aboard our Duchess November November with Blackadder 08 on his very first IFR training flight after spending 30 hours in our ALSIM.

Antoine joined us for his CPL, ME and ME/IR flying initially our PA28 fleet, both the Cadets and Arrow and most recently the Duchess fleet, plus the obligatory 30 hours in the ALSIM FNPT2 Simulator.

Antoine will now go on and complete 15 hours on the aircraft prior to his CAA flight test.

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Blackadder 01 aboard November November one of our BE76 Duchess with Farouq heading off on another IFR training flight to prepare him for his upcoming CAA skills test.

In the background you can see Blackadder 24 aboard Scary Foxtrot one of our PA28 Cadets heading off for a brush up flight.

The weather is great today, and the team will be airborne throughout the day, keep a look out for our blue bellies!

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Radio Aids Navigation Tutor by Oddsoft

Dan one of our current ME/IR student is seen here enjoying RANT by Oddsoft. RANT stands for Radio Aids Navigation Tutor and is a fantastic piece of software that helps students practice prior to flight.

We have several computers at BCFT running the software and students are usually found practicing the more tricky things on the system before or after flights, practising skills and developing confidence.

Dan is currently in the ALSIM, completing his 30 hours of simulator training before heading back onto the Duchess for his final 15.

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Did you know that the lettering on the underneath of the wing needs to be a minimum of 50cm?

The photo below shows November November port wing showing the lettering and how large it is. This ensures the markings are readable is the aircraft is operating low, ideal for the circuit.

We have two BE76 Duchess currently operational, used for MEP, CPL and IR flight training.

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