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Santa chooses BCFT for Licence Conversion

Its a little known fact that Santa recently moved his AOC to Europe, registering his Sleigh on the U.K CAA ‘G’ register for the first time ever.

Whilst we know first hand AOC’s can be tricky, this move wasn’t just delayed by the AOC but also Santa’s FAA licence, as up until this year he usually flew under the FAA banner, holding a FAA ATP.

BCFT was approached by Santa as he knew we specialised in licence conversions and the experts within the Blackadder team set about assisting him where ever they could.

Our fantastic CTKI and his Ground Instrcutors ensured Santa had no problems passing the 14 EASA ATPL exams and our legendary Blackadder Flight Instructors made sure he was up to speed with EASA flying practices in no time.

To celebrate the transition, Santa popped into BCFT this afternoon, posing with our BE76 Duchess November November, the aircraft he flew during his CAA Flight Test and handed our small gifts for Staff and Students.

Santa now holder of an EASA ATPL and Reindeer Sleigh Rating and is ready for this years festivities. Not forgetting our friends at Simtech Flight Simulation who assisted with the MCC/JOC to.

If like Santa you need to convert a licence, make us your first stop, Email the team at and we will ensure, just like Santa, the process is simple and swift.

Congratulations Damien

A huge congratulations to Damien who this afternoon passed his MEIR flying with EXM91 aboard our BE76 Duchess Mike Whisky.

Damien joined us from France having completed his ATPL ground school via the distance learning route. He flew Hotel Juliet for his CPL and then took on the challenge of the Duchess for his IR.

Never one to shy away from a hard work, Damien worked tirelessly throughout his IR, always dedicated, committed and above all else passionate.

He flew with Blackadder 26 and Blackadder 16 learning all the important techniques the two legends can pass on, putting it all into practice during his CAA flight test.

Once again Damien, well done, a huge congratulations and no doubt a fantastic Christmas present.

Interested in following in his footsteps? Email us at for more information.

Fly Blackadder – Fly BE76

When you Fly Blackadder you get to fly our fleet, from our Piper PA28 singles to our BE76 Multi’s, theres the whole fleet to choose from.

Heres one of our Duchess, November November enjoying the winter sunshine earlier on in the week, things are now winding down for Christmas but our fleet will still be busy this afternoon and tomorrow.

Have you seen our Blue Bellies floating around the sky? If so let us know!

Email us at for more information.

Well Done Antoine

A massive well done to Antoine who yesterday completed his MEIR flying our BE76 Duchess Mike Whisky with EXM58. Antoine now holds a CPL with Multi Engine and Instrument Rating.

Antoine below pictured with his beloved Hotel Juliet from his CPL days has worked tirelessly on his IR flying with Blackadder 08. His dedication and hard work has been outstanding and the entire Blackadder team would like to wish him well.

Good Luck with you MCC/JOC Antoine and keep in contact, we are sure to be seeing you coming through Bournemouth airport frequently in the future.

Interested in following in Antoine’s footsteps? Email us at for more information.

Massive Congratulations Martial

A huge Congratulations to Martial who yesterday completed his MEIR, meaning he is now the holder of a Multi Engine Instrument Rating and sadly at the end of his training with us at BCFT.

Martial joined us from France where his day job is a Pompier, braving all the elements and ensuring everyone is safe. The skills needed for him t excel in the Fire Brigade certainly transferred to aviation, always hard working, dedicated and above all else calm.

A huge congratulations and a massive well done, now Martial enjoy your MCC/JOC and we cant wait to see the updates from you!

Interested in following in Martial’s footsteps? Email us at for more information.

Night Flying!

Its almost Christmas, the nights are longer, the days are shorter, perfect time to take on the challenge of night flying.

Dont miss out on the opportunity to obtain your night rating with ease, join us this winter and fly with Blackadder 03, Blackadder 10 or Blackadder 28 and see the south like never before.

The course is only 5 hours long and involves 5 landings solo, allowing you not only to fly at night but build some P1 hours also.

The Night Rating is essential for those wanting to complete the CPL and IR, so dont leave it until the last minute.

Interested in flying with us? Email us at for more information.

Christmas Party 2017

On Friday BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy celebrated Christmas with our joint Staff and Student party at our student accommodation on the west cliff in Bournemouth.

All our students and staff came together and enjoyed Fish and Chips and plenty of beer and wine, celebrating a successful year full of achievement and success.

We also organised for a Casino, with Roulette and Blackjack, using only fake money, the prizes on offer for those who won included tasty chocolates and champagne.

Airline Pilot Academy students stole the show at the Casino, showing that they aren’t just good pilots, they’re also good at counting cards to. BCFT’s students were represented on the leader board by Team France, made up of Antoine, Martial, Pierre and Thomas. Check out the final standings below.

A fantastic night was had by all, special thanks to Ellie our customer service coordinator who spent many hours organising the event ensuring it ran smoothly and of course Bob our MD who enabled it to all happen.

Now for one more week of hard work before Christmas!

Interested in training with us? Email us at for more information.

Aaron passes his IR Skills Test

A huge congratulations to Aaron who this time last week completed his IR skills test on the BE76 Duchess with EXM91.

Aaron completed his training with CFI Blackadder 08 and with handwork and true dedication completed the course efficiently and to a very high standard.

Aaron will now go on and complete his Commercial Pilots Licence training flying with Blackadder 10 on both the Piper PA28 Cadet and PA28 Arrow fleet.

A huge congratulations from the Blackadder team, keep up the handwork throughout the CPL and we are sure you’ll go onto great things.

Interested in flying with us? Email us at for more information.

Congratulations to Orn on passing your IR!

Congratulations to Örn who earlier this week completed his Instrument Rating skills test with EXM58 heading to Exeter.

Orn completed his CPL with us earlier this year aboard our Piper PA28 Arrow Hotel Juliet and then moved quickly onto the IR flying with Blackadder 01 aboard our BE76 Duchess fleet.

Orn worked tirelessly throughout the course here and BCFT and often excelled, credited to his hardwork and commitment.

A huge congratulations to Orn from all of the Blackadder team and enjoy your MCC/JOC early next year with Simtech!

Interested in knowing more? Email us at for more information.

Blackadder 16!

Blackadder 16 jumping aboard November November to get airborne with Damien to take on the challenge of IFR flying.

Presently we have both Duchess aircraft airborne with Farouq and Blackadder 01 aboard Mike Whisky routing around the local area via THRED, NEDUL and then the BIA.

Our students aren’t put off by a little wet weather, in fact many of them relish the challenge.

Interested in flying with us? Email us at for more information.