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Congratulations Dan!

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Monday means work

Monday means back to work, and for several of our students that meant heading into our ALSIM FNPT2 Simulator configured as the BE76 Duchess, our chosen multi engine trainer. Today the sim was busy from 08:30am through to 17:00 with students perfecting instrument flying skills prior to heading out into the real world aboard our fleet of aircraft. Below you can see Blackadder 16 along with his student Mathew, one of our current Airline Pilot Academy integrated students, working hard towards his next goal, PT3. Interested in flying with us? Email us at for more information. HL

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Office Views: UPGRADE NOW

Today our students are enjoying a rest, making the most of their time in Bournemouth to explore the town and the greater Dorset area, theres always something to do! Whilst we are sure after a busy week our students do look forward to a rest over the weekend, they know come Monday morning they get to enjoy some unique views that in reality only a hand full of people ever get to enjoy. The photo below taken by Airline Pilot Academy student Izzy shows just how great those views can be, whether your pilot flying or a student in the back observing and of course learning from the flight. There is nothing better than departing from a grey, gloomy airport and climbing above the cloud and into the bright blue sky, something that never gets old! Interested in upgrading your … Continue reading

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Change of Direction

As some of you may have noticed since the new year BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy social feeds have changed slightly and theres very good reason for this! In December I was offered a role with one of Europes largest Air Taxi companies and earlier this month I began the journey to becoming a First Officer flying the Cessna 510 Mustang with them. This meant spending 3 intensive weeks at Flightsafety Farnborough learning everything there is to know about the Mustang. Completing a week of ground school with an exam and then 7 sim sessions as pilot flying and 7 as pilot monotoring before completing the LST on the sim yesterday. Today the fun began, heading to Cherbourg for circuits with the companies very experienced and legendary training manager, to say he made it fun and exciting would be an … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue…

…and ours has certainly been tested this week, but today has made it worth the wait. While the weather has been so grey the past few days our students have been working hard, either in the sim or preparing for their next flights. Economical use of time is paramount in the aviation industry so it’s great to see our students working hard on the ground no matter the weather. Have you thought about being a pilot and what that really means? Email us,, or phone 01202 596 955 to find out more.

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Whiskey in 12…11…10… Only 12 days to go until our new intake of modular ATPL students and there are still a few seats left! The first phase of this course sees our students studying Principles of Flight, Aircraft Performance, Flight Planning, IFR & VFR Comms and Meteorology. The students will only have 31 work days from the first lesson to the first practice exams, but as a partner school of Padpilot and with our highly experienced instructors leading them through (and of course a lot of hard work from the students themselves) we’re certain we can maintain our 85% pass rate. So how does Whiskey sound to you? Email or phone 01202 596 955 to find out more about our courses.

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Well Done Aaron!

Congratulations to Aaron from all of us at BCFT! Aaron joined us at the end of August and completed his MEP and IR with our senior instructors. Once Aaron had passed his IR he moved straight onto the SECPL – Single Engine Commercial Pilots Licence. This he completed with BLD10 in the minimum time required, 15 hours! Today Aaron took off with EXM58 on a planned route to Pilton and was diverted to Axminster. Having successfully completed the divert, Aaron was then tested on his general handling skills and basic instrument flying and then it was back to base for a few circuits. Easy as that! Aaron has been an exemplary student who has been diligent and hard-working throughout his time here and has got on with students and instructors alike. Now it’s on to Simtech Flight Simulation to complete the MCC/JOC and he … Continue reading

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FIC and PPL Students

Shout out to all aspiring PPL and FIC students! If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of becoming a flight instructor then come in and talk to us. We have one space left on our FI course that could have your name on it. The course is usually a full time, 6-8 week programme that requires a lot of hard work and dedication from you. You will be partnered with another FI student which allows you both the chance to consolidate what you have learnt with BLD26. And of course, once the FI’s are qualified we will need PPL students for them so if you have ever thought about becoming a private or commercial pilot now is the time! Come and talk to us to discuss the best route for you! Email or phone 01202 596 955.

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Rare Arrival

You always know if there’s something exciting flying in from the stampede of students rushing outside. Pictured here is half of our ground school students who wanted a closer look… Who knows which aircraft came in and why it was so special? Want to join the stampede? Email or phone 01202 596 955 to find out more!

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Make the Right Turn

Deciding where to train? Make the right turn and train with BCFT, for both Modular and Integrated. Maybe you’re asking why? Well, it’s simple, at BCFT we take your success seriously. We want nothing more than high achieving, well-rounded graduates, walking into the employment market armed with all the knowledge and resources needed to get that dream job. You’ll be flying on the ideal training fleet, getting a firm foundation for flying in every form, from VFR to IFR, using traditional gauges and utilising the most modern of simulators for the MCC/JOC thanks to our partnership with Simtech Flight Simulation. Our ground school instructors always ensure we are one step ahead of the game, training from the very best material provided by Padpilot, ensuring you go to the exams knowing everything. Most of all though it’s the ethos of the … Continue reading

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