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EGJA – Alderney

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Who can recognise which one of our fleet is in the background and do you know what engine she has? We believe in loving what you do and doing what you love so if you think that being a pilot is for you get in contact, our details are at the end of this post. There’s a lot to take in when you start your research, and that’s not just getting your head around all the acronyms! We recommend taking a look at BALPA’s video on “Becoming a Pilot” to help get you started. If you want to find out more give us a call on 01202 596 955 or email

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And he Returns

Many of our students will have noticed a familiar face back at BCFT over the last few days. It gives us great pleasure to announce the return of Farouq Sreti, our legendary Operations Controller. Farouq recently finished his training with us, flying our fleet of Piper and Beechcraft aircraft. Prior to starting his flight training he worked on our Ops Desk ensuring everything ran smoothly and was always there to help where ever he could. With our equally legendary Operations Manager Dave Hitchin leaving the team on Friday to enjoy retirement the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Farouq joins the team again, to assist with the transition period and more importantly gives him something to do whilst he waits patiently for his first flying job! So next time you call up, you may hear a familiar voice, make sure … Continue reading

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Prepared for Departure

Both our Instructing staff and students spend a lot of time preparing for each flight, ensuring it runs smoothly and everything is accounted for. From checking the aircraft, to flight planning, mass and balance and NOTAMs, everything is run through prior to departure and only when both our instructors and student are happy, do they set out to aviate. Below you can see a common sight at BCFT, a busy tech log on the right and Blackadder 10’s headset and chart on the left, ready to go, ready to teach and inspire the next generation of commercial pilot. Are you looking at training to become a commercial pilot? Looking for a school that supports you on your journey to the flight deck? A school with enthusiastic experienced instructors and eager to learn students? Look no further. Email us at … Continue reading

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Dan Moves Downstairs!

Sunny Monday’s are the best kind of Monday’s. Here is Daniel who last week completed his ATPL theory with us and earnt himself an average mark of 90%! Dan has now moved downstairs to the flying side of things and today started his CPL with BLD10. The two will complete a minimum of 25 hours in the air to prepare Dan for his CPL test. Dan has certainly made a lasting impression in the ground school due to the amount of hard work he put in & we’re sure we’ll see the same dedication through his flight training. Good luck Dan! Fancy following in his footsteps? Get in contact to find out more –, 01202596955

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Getting that Friday feeling… Which also means our latest intake of modular students has nearly completed week zero of the ground school! Pictured below are Kalyan, Alex, Adam and Steve who should all now be up to speed with their maths, physics and how to use the CRP-5, preparing them for Monday and the first phase! We have a mix of new and returning students on our whiskey course and we wish them all the very best of luck for the next 6 months! Want to find out more about flight training? Get in touch by calling us on 01202 596 955 or email

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Frosty Mornings!

With the sprinkling of snow yesterday evening we’ve woken up to a rather cold morning, although luckily no snow!This superb photo taken by Airline Pilot Academy student Izzy this morning shows just how fantastic Bournemouth airport looks as the sun rises, its not just the airborne views that make flying great!Yesterday afternoon Izzy completed her PT3 with EXM58 aboard our Duchess November November, this is the Integrated equivalent to the Modular CPL skills test and a huge milestone during the training.Izzy will now go on and fly the BE76 and ALSIM FNPT2 for her IR phase, the last training she will complete in Bournemouth before heading to Dublin for her MCC/JOC.A huge congratulations to Izzy from the entire Blackadder team, keep up the hard work, its really paying off, plus keep those super photos coming!Interested in training with us? Head … Continue reading

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Good Luck Ground School Students!

Good luck to both BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy’s ground school students who are sitting their exams this week. For some, this is their first sitting and for others, it will most likely be their last meaning their exams are complete. Whether this is the first, second or third sitting each exam is crucially important and we wish all of our students the best of luck this week! If you want to find out more about the ATPL theory, or flight training in general, get in touch by emailing or you can phone us on 01202 596 955.

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Good Luck Dan!

Earlier this week we posted about Dan passing his IR & today he passed his MEP test! It’s not all good news though as Dan has now completed his training with us, but we’re sure we’ll hear from him and be kept up to date as he searches for that all important first job! For now though, congratulations from us all at BCFT – you’ve been a dedicated student from day one and it’s been a pleasure having you with us. Simtech Flight Simulation he’s all yours! Want to follow in Dan’s footsteps? Get in touch – phone us on 01202 596 955 or email

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Bar Crawl

BCFT invites you to join our 2018 bar crawl! Okay so it might not be the first type of bar that springs to mind but these bars are the building blocks for your career. We are approved to train modular students at any stage in their training so whether you’re an aspiring pilot with zero hours, renewing your licence or you’re researching where to do your CPL/MEIR we can help you! So get in touch to find out which bar you’ll start at. Email or call us on 01202 596 955.

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