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IR Training – BLD01

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Captain Crookes

Congratulations to Daniel who passed his CPL test this morning. Despite having had to postpone the flight test 7(!) times due to the weather, Dan didn’t lose his motivation and passed today with flying colours (pun entirely intended). As Dan already holds an MEP rating he will start the IR training straight away in our FNPTII with BLD03. Well done Dan for keeping your determination through the bad weather and for handling the 52-mile long diversion during the test today! Enjoy the rest of your day and good luck with the IR. If you want to find out more about the training that we offer then be sure to get in touch  01202 596 955  

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PPL’s and FI’s

Welcome to Mojtaba our latest PPL student! He and BLD28 went on Mojtaba’s second flight this morning and what a day it is for it. The beginning of the PPL training is always a steep learning curve with so much to take in but Mojtaba is enjoying it so far and we’re excited to see him progress. This week has also seen two new CPL students start with BLD10 and BLD08, two FI’s begun their training with BLD26 and Ian moved from the ground school to the MEP having completed the ATPL exams first time and all within 3 sittings! The rest of the week looks just as busy with profile flights, possible tests and making the most of this weather to ensure that our everyday schedule goes to plan…or as close to as possible. This is aviation after all. So, happy … Continue reading

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Welcome APA 20 & X-Ray

Welcome to our newest students who have started week 0 of the ground school today! We have three Airline Pilot Academy students who have already completed a week with us getting up to speed with aviation terminology and one modular who already has his PPL and joined us today. Next week we will be saying goodbye to our students who started with us in September but you’ll be seeing more of them on here as their flight training progresses. Good luck with the course guys, the first day is always the hardest… L-R Lee Manners, Tom Fullick, Jack Brown, Edward Atkinson Get in touch if you want to find out more about the ATPL theory or any other of the courses that we offer. 01202 596 955,  

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Friday Feels

It’s Friyay and the sun is still shining! Good luck to all those doing exams next week! For some of our students these are their last ones, they should all be well-prepared thanks to our excellent instructors and courseware supplied by Padpilot. Not long until they can switch the classroom whiteboard for views like this. If you want to find out more about how to become a pilot get in touch – 01202 596 955,  

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First Officer Dan

We want to say a huge well done to Dan who has already received that all important first officer job after completing his training with us in February! Dan was a dedicated student while he was with us and his hard work has certainly paid off. Congratulations from all of us at BCFT, we can’t wait to see where your career takes you. Good luck with the type rating! Want to follow in Dan’s footsteps? Get in touch, 01202 596955

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