Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training has been established at Bournemouth International Airport on the South Coast since 2002. All Modular training and flight tests are carried out at Bournemouth Airport benefiting students with the continuity of training in a commercial environment they are familiar with, whilst Integrated students benefit from training both in Bournemouth and abroad, enabling them to gain experience in foreign airspace without compromising on training quality.

Our courses take students from Zero Hours to a Frozen ATPL(A), the licence required for entry into the airlines as a First Officer. They have become a recognised as “high quality, value for money” courses where the students’ career is the focus.

Having established a close cooperation with  regional airlines.
BCFT is proud to see both Modular and Integrated students succeed in securing First Officer positions:

“I completed all flight training with BCFT following the modular route due to the requirement to work during the initial part of my training.  The school was very accommodating, allowing me to plan my training to suit my availability. The training was to a very high standard and culminated in qualifying as a flight instructor.  Following 1 year of instructing I was invited, through BCFT, for an interview with Flybe which lead to a position as First Officer on the Dash8 Q400”, Mike Allinson