The facts

Aircraft Fleet

  • 3 Piper Warrior PA28 – single engine – fixed undercarriage and fixed prop
  • 2 Beechcraft Duchess BE76 – twin engine


  • FNPT ll
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BCFT Premises

Situated in a prime location with airside access, BCFT’s training center comprises lecture rooms, planning areas, recreational areas, a library and study centers. Fully computerised Flight Planning and Operations, complete with associated briefing rooms and a large simulator department form part of BCFT’s training environment.


All of BCFT’s fully Commercial Approved Instructors have many years of experience in the flight training industry, and several are CAA Approved Examiners conducting tests for the wide range of ratings offered by BCFT. The high quality of our careers instructors is essential for training and the resulting high pass rate.

Aircraft & Simulators

To ensure standardisation of equipment, availability for training and reliability, BCFT owns all its aircraft and there is an onsite maintenance centre. This in turn ensures that our prices are extremely competitive.

Rather than operating a generic simulator, BCFT have chosen a type specific FNPTII which allows for the full integration between simulator and aircraft. This ensure a smooth transition between simulator and aircraft and helps to complete the course in the minimum time possible.