Bournemouth Airport

Active Runway since 1941
Daily commercial flights
Used by Ryanair, TUI, Easyjet
Major diversion airport from London
Capable of landing an A380
Previous host of a Concorde

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The Airport

Bournemouth International Airport

Bournemouth International Airport is located 3.5 NM (6.5 km; 4.0 mi) north-northeast of Bournemouth, in southern England. Bournemouth Airport opened as RAF Hurn in 1941 and began commercial services in the late 1950s.

Subsequently Ryanair ,Thomson Airways and more recently Flybe, based aircraft at the airport, with scheduled flights now frequently serving Western Europe and the Mediterranean area, with charter and seasonal services serving North Africa, North America and the Caribbean. Passenger numbers peaked in 2007 when just over 1 million people passed through the airport.

Bournemouth Airport is an excellent place to train as a commercial pilot, students benefit from mixing with airline traffic inside class D controlled airspace in a well organised environment facilitated by a team of professional Air Traffic Controllers. With its 6 different instrument approaches onto its large Easterly/Westerly runway, Bournemouth is one of the most well equipped airfields on the South Coast.