CPL – IR What’s It Really About?

Good luck to everyone doing their exams this week! Whether this is your first or last sitting you’re well on the way towards that all important commercial licence…but what do you know about the CPL – MEP – IR training? Should you do the CPL on a multi or single engine? IR first or last? What are the requirements to begin training? Have you budgeted enough? There are so many things to consider and we can help answer any questions you may have. We have availability over summer for the CPL/IR so if you’re just beginning research or are looking to book a place get in contact ⬇️ 📞 01202 596 955📩💻…/modular-commercial-pilot-training/

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Hallelujah, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday on what has been a relatively miserable week weather wise…but on the plus side, it’s nearly the weekend! Which we know our ground school students will be grateful for before mock week next week – good luck guys! We’ve also been working behind the scenes on the website and our marketing literature and have lots of new things to send out to you all. If you have any questions then head over to our contact form on the website and you can either drop us an email or use our new live chat option we’ve installed!

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Well Done Sam!

Samantha completed the integrated course with us two and a half years ago. She soon found employment flying the Dash 8 for Europe’s largest regional airline.Sam flew for over two years before moving on as First Officer on the Boeing 747 with British Airways. A big congratulations to Sam and we hope she enjoys her new job! Want to find out more about the courses that we offer? ⬇️ 📞 01202 596 955📩

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Congratulations Matthieu

Congratulations to Matthieu who passed his IR first time today. As he is converting from an ATPL(H), he is our more experienced student. Matthieu also differentiates from his peers by being on a reduced CPL and IR course, which we were sure he would get through easily. His test took him to Alderney and then back to Bournemouth with EXM91 where he was told he earned a very solid pass. All the best Matthieu! Any rotary pilots looking to convert?Get in touch. 📞 01202 596 955📩 info@bcft.aeroo

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Two First Solo Flights!

We had an excellent end to the week with two of our students going on their very first solo flights, and not in the easiest of conditions either! Well done to both Scott and Frazer who along with their classmate Issy now have a week off and will be heading to FIT Aviation, LLC next week for four months! Unfortunately, the wind stopped Issy going solo today so best of luck to her for her first solo in sunny Florida. Want to find out more about the courses that we offer? ⬇️ 📞 01202 596 955📩

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April 1st – Delta 1

Did you know that 24 students per ground school class are the maximums set out by the CAA? So, with this in mind, we are opening up another classroom for the next ATPL intake which means we now have more spaces available! 📚 We have also sourced local accommodation with access to a pool, sauna, jacuzzi and a bar, as well as it being right across the road from our own hotel meaning we can help you plan the next 6 months within the next 5 minutes. Get in touch if you want to find out more and book a seat⬇️ 📞 01202 596 955📩

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Exam Week!

Our students are now halfway through their exams this week and from the feedback we have been receiving, it all seems to be going well! This sitting features a good proportion of our students who are about to sit their first ever exams. The tuition offered by our instructors along with the fantastic resources from Padpilot will surely take them through the week with ease. For the seniors of the course, hopefully these will be the last and looking forward to seeing you on the flight line. Best of luck to all of you!Keep studying hard. Want to join our ATPL ground school? Then get in touch. ⬇️ ? 01202 596 955?

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Congratulations Quentin

As the week concludes, so does Quentin’s time with us. He trained with BLD01 for his Instrument rating on our FNPTII and BE76 Duchess, making a quick progression along the course. Today he flew with EXM 108 for his IR Skills test from which he came back with a solid pass. He will now make the journey to Dublin for his MMC/JOC.Simtech Flight Simulation, he is all yours. Congratulations Quentin and best of luck with your future career. Want to follow in Quentin’s footsteps? Then get in touch. ⬇️ 01202 596

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Pre-Test Flights

Our Duchess’ are away today, each flying a pre-test sortie. Quentin on board Mike Whiskey, has headed west towards Exeter to carry out his approaches with instructor Blackadder 01. Meanwhile, Airline Pilot Academy student Vinesh Patel has donned his life jacket for his flight across the English Channel, ready to carry out his approaches in Alderney with Blackadder 26. The flights are designed to simulate the real skills test. It will take them through the sequence in which they will fly the test as well as possible routes they may expect to receive from their CAA examiners. They are expected to make their own decisions throughout all stages of the flight with minimal input from the instructors. The success of which, would mean a recommendation for test. Best of luck guys! Interested in becoming a commercial pilot? Then get in touch. ⬇️ 01202 596

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Bravo Igino

What a busy week it has been, with Pilot Careers Live and 3 CAA skills test taking place! A big well done to Igino, one our newly qualified students, having passed the Instrument Rating – his final module with us. Igino commenced training with us back in summer for the CPL where he took the conversion of flying in UK airspace in his stride. He completed both modules with a first series pass. He will now move forward to complete his MCC course. All the best Igino! If you are interested in becoming a commercial pilot then get in touch ⬇️ 01202 596

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