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BCFT hosts Flybe

On 22nd April BCFT hosted a visit from the Chief Pilot of Flybe Captain Ian Baston. The message was very clear, Flybe are recruiting. The staff at BCFT will be delighted to assist captain Baston and his team to achieve the recruitment targets which will allow Flybe to move forward.

All at BCFT were very happy to learn of the upturn in the fortune of the airline and look forward to BCFT graduates occupying the right hand seats of the Q400.


Boeing forcasts half million new pilots needed in next two decades

Boeing   forecasts that the worldwide commercial airline industry will need 498,000   new pilots in the next 20 years.

By   2032, the industry will also require 556,000 new airline maintenance   technicians, says the airframer in an outlook released as Boeing launches 787   flight training at its campus in Miami.

The   increased demand will be driven by growing aircraft deliveries, especially of   narrow bodies, says Boeing. It expects a global requirement for 25,000 new   pilots every year.

Boeing’s   forecast points to growth in pilot demand in all regions except Europe, which showed a slight decline from last year’s   outlook.

The   Asia Pacific region will require the most number of new pilots, according to   Boeing’s forecast. It will need 192,300 new pilots in the next two decades.

While   the demand for pilots in Europe has fallen   slightly from last year’s forecast, the continent will still require 99,700   new pilots. This is followed by North America (85,700), Latin America   (48,600), Middle East (40,000), Africa (16.500) and Russia and   the Commonwealth of Independent States (15,200).

Boeing   also projects the airline industry would need about 28,000 new technicians   every year for the next 20 years.

“However,   the introduction of more efficient and smarter airplanes will require fewer   mechanics over time, as aging aircraft – which typically require more   maintenance – are retired from service. New airplane technologies featuring   more advanced components are likely to lead in some areas to lower   maintenance requirements and corresponding lower technician demand,”   says the air framer.

The   Asia Pacific region leads as well with the projected number of new   technicians required – 215,300 in the next two decades. Europe is in second   place with 108,200 technicians, followed by North America (97,900), Middle   East (53,100), Latin America (47,600),Russia  and CIS (18,000) and Africa(15,900).


Published by Flighlobal Sept 2013

Kingston University Partnership

In partnership with Kingston University London, Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training will be offering a 2 year Foundation Degree commencing in September 2013. This course is aimed at ‘A level’ students who wish to combine a recognised degree with the training necessary to become a Commercial Pilot.

For detailed information on this course, entry requirements, and application details, please click on the following link

If you have any questions or require further information, please e-mail

Expansion of Residential Groundschool Facility

Following the closure of the CAA test centre at Bournemouth Airport the premises have been converted to provide two further classrooms suitable for the expanding BCFT residential modular groundschool course. The premises are adjacent to the Bournemouth Flying Club restaurant which provides a very convenient catering service to the hard working students.

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