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Exam Week!

Our students are now halfway through their exams this week and from the feedback we have been receiving, it all seems to be going well!

This sitting features a good proportion of our students who are about to sit their first ever exams. The tuition offered by our instructors along with the fantastic resources from Padpilot will surely take them through the week with ease.

For the seniors of the course, hopefully these will be the last and looking forward to seeing you on the flight line.

Best of luck to all of you!
Keep studying hard.

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Congratulations Quentin

As the week concludes, so does Quentin’s time with us.

He trained with BLD01 for his Instrument rating on our FNPTII and BE76 Duchess, making a quick progression along the course.

Today he flew with EXM 108 for his IR Skills test from which he came back with a solid pass.

He will now make the journey to Dublin for his MMC/JOC.
Simtech Flight Simulation, he is all yours.

Congratulations Quentin and best of luck with your future career.

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Pre-Test Flights

Our Duchess’ are away today, each flying a pre-test sortie.

Quentin on board Mike Whiskey, has headed west towards Exeter to carry out his approaches with instructor Blackadder 01.

Meanwhile, Airline Pilot Academy student Vinesh Patel has donned his life jacket for his flight across the English Channel, ready to carry out his approaches in Alderney with Blackadder 26.

The flights are designed to simulate the real skills test. It will take them through the sequence in which they will fly the test as well as possible routes they may expect to receive from their CAA examiners.

They are expected to make their own decisions throughout all stages of the flight with minimal input from the instructors. The success of which, would mean a recommendation for test.

Best of luck guys!

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Bravo Igino

What a busy week it has been, with Pilot Careers Live and 3 CAA skills test taking place!

A big well done to Igino, one our newly qualified students, having passed the Instrument Rating – his final module with us.

Igino commenced training with us back in summer for the CPL where he took the conversion of flying in UK airspace in his stride. He completed both modules with a first series pass.

He will now move forward to complete his MCC course.

All the best Igino!

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Pilot Careers Live

That’s a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who came to us at the Pilot Careers Live. It was great to see the next set of future pilots and talk to you all.

We’ll be sending out all the information tomorrow so keep an eye on your emails ?

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Xclusive Jets Recruitment Day

Our FNPTII simulator is extensively used for IR training, set to emulate the BE76 Duchess’ that we operate.

But did you know the simulator can be set to operate a wide array of aircraft?

Our facilities were used by Xclusive Jets earlier this week to hold a recruitment day for future First Officers. For this event we set the simulator to replicate an aircraft in their fleet, the Cessna Citation, so that the candidates could be assessed.

We wish all those that underwent the assessment the best of luck!

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Wasib Converts His License

Wasib’s conversion with us is at an end.

He recently took his IR skills test with EXM58, routing to Exeter to carry out his approaches before coming back to Bournemouth for an ILS to land.

Wasib flew the procedures well and achieved a first time pass.

With his conversion complete, he will now be heading back home to Germany to complete his MCC/JOC.

Congratulations Wasib and best of luck.

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Well Done Will!

Congratulations to Will who walked through his IR test on Sunday and came back with a first time pass!

Will started with us at the beginning of August and trained for the MEP and IR with BLD26. As he now has his IR Will can go on to do a reduced CPL which consists of 10hrs in the Piper Cadet and 5hrs in the Piper Arrow, which has a variable pitch prop and retractable undercarriage.

Enjoy flying VFR again Will and good luck!

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Alpha 1 ATPL

Our new intake of modular students have joined us this week ready to start the ATPL ground school.

Alpha 1 already have their heads down as our ground instructors extract what they remember about maths and physics from their school days.

Next week they will officially start the ground school, studying General Navigation, Human performance and limitations and Airframe/systems/power plant/electrics.

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Course Yankee Starts Groundschool!

Here’s course Yankee, our most recent intake of residential ground school students who have started their journey of becoming commercial airline pilots. There are some new and returning faces, Chris only recently completed his PPL with us and has jumped into the classroom with no delay.

They have already experienced their first week of the ATPL ground school and are hard at work for Phase One. Our instructors will take them through 650 hours of teaching whilst making good use of our E-Learning resource, Padpilot, to get the best out of our students.

The next 6 months won’t be easy but with the guidance of our instructors along with hard work and determination, they will come out of it ready for their next step in becoming commercial pilots.

If you would like to join our ATPL ground school or would like to know more, then get in touch. 

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