ATPL (A) Ground School – Full Time Residential

Full Time Residential – Bournemouth
14 Exams • 3 Phases • Full Time Study • 6 months 

Pre -Course ATPL Foundation Week

Prior to starting Phase one of the ATPL groundschool, all students take a one week foundation course at BCFT, this course focuses on the basic skills required to complete the ATPL groundschool syllabus including maths, physics and CRP-5 flight computer tasks, skills that may not have been practiced for some time!


BCFT has long been renowned for its excellent instructor led ATPL theory training, and in a move aimed at making it even better we have combined it with market leading computer-based learning technology which, through the use of razor-sharp digital imagery and stunning 3D animations promises to raise the ATPL theory learning experience to a whole new level.

Three Phase Structure

In a move to further improve the learning experience, our three-phase structure has been designed to make the 14 subjects easier to manage. Each Phase lasts for 8 weeks, during which time you will sit progress tests and mock examinations here at BCFT to make sure you are ready to take the real exams.

The three Phase structure is set out as follows.


Aeroplane Performance, Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Flight Planning and Monitoring, VFR and IFR Communications.


Human Performance and Limitations, Airframes, General Navigation.


Mass and Balance, Operational Procedures,  Air Law, Radio Navigation, Instrumentation.

The Examinations

During the week following each phase you will take the CAA exams for the subjects you have just studied at the CAA headquarters at London Gatwick Airport or other designated examination centre.  With London Gatwick being one of the busiest airports in the UK there is plenty of accommodation available for the exam period.

All 14 exams must be passed within 18 months, counted from the end of the calendar month when the student first attempted an exam. Once completed the student must pass both their CPL and IR within 3 years of the date of the final exam.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Candidate must hold the minimum of an ICAO Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
EASA-CAA Class One Medical (requirement for licence issue)


750 Hours


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