Obtain a position as a Pilot in Commercial/Airline operations

Anyone wishing to obtain a position as a Pilot in Commercial/Airline operations must have the relevant Pilot’s Licence, known as an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL).

The route to gaining this licence involves intensive training and subsequent testing, achieved via the modular or the integrated course. We offer both courses here at BCFT but which would suit you best? Here’s a quick view summary and our team are always on hand to help you identify which training path is the most beneficial to you. If you are still unsure then do not hesitate to call us on 01202 596955 or email

Starting out

One of the most important things when researching flight training is to find the right training centre for you. We encourage each of our prospective students to arrange a personalised visit to give you the opportunity to meet current students, our team of instructors and to get a feel of the school in full operation. Book a visit

More Information on Our Courses

Our courses take students from Zero Hours to a Frozen ATPL(A), the licence required for entry into the airlines as a First Officer. They have become recognised as “high quality, value for money” courses where the student’s career is the focus.

Discover our integrated airline pilot training programme

Each of our courses is structured to guarantee an instructor to student ratio that is optimised through each phase of training. This ensures one of the highest success rates in the UK.

Find out more about our modular programme

Funding for Pilot Training

Whilst it is a commercial pathway we adopt a personalised approach to your training. We’ll create the airline pilot from the person, matching your ambition to become a pilot with ours of training the best pilots. Course costs reflect our market leading training, location and the personal attention we are able to give each student.

All our courses are self-funded, view our finance page for further details on pricing and funding options. Ultimately our aim is to enable you to enjoy the attractive starting salaries and varied lifestyle in your career as a pilot.