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If you wish to discuss financing options with us, please give us a call on:
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BCFT’s ethos is to take no large ‘up-front’ payments from students. Rather, there are dedicated payment schedules for each course.

Our students are all self funded, often through the support of their family. We are unable to offer financial advice but we do recommend you get in contact with independent advisers and lenders who will be best placed to discuss funding and financing options.

Payment Schedule – Integrated Course

The price of the course is £88,785.00 (eighty eight thousand seven hundred and eighty five pounds) this price includes VAT. We do not require the full course cost upfront, the payments for the course are as follows:

  • 10% deposit on acceptance for the course.
  • 10% payable on the first day of course.
  • 10% payable 2 calendar months from course commencement date.
  • 10% monthly for the next 7 months.

This cost includes:

  • Accommodation at all training venues
  • All simulator and flight training as per the course syllabus
  • Cost of first attempts at flying progress tests and Skills tests
  • All navigation equipment required including Flight Bag
  • All Uniform required for the course. Student to provide black shoes and trousers/skirts
  • All flights to and from the training venues

Not included:

  • Accommodation at Gatwick whilst taking ground examinations
  • Fees (currently £73 per exam) for the ground examinations paid directly to the CA
  • Meals at any venue
  • Licence issue fees

Payment Schedule – Modular Course


This can either be pay as you go or you can pay in instalments best suited to you. We know there will be delays due to weather etc so all we ask is that your account is always in credit.


These three modules typically take 4 months full time.
10% deposit paid on enrolment.
The remainder of the quote is split into 3 and paid on a monthly basis beginning on the first day of the course.
NB. We can provide you with a package price which will include:

  • Minimum training required for licence issue
  • Aircraft hire for test (based on average test times, additional time is charged, if you complete it in less then you will be credited)
  • CAA test fees
  • All landings at Bournemouth airport
  • VAT

Not included:

  • Away landings, on average £200.00-£300.00
  • Additional training if required
  • Test retakes (partials or fails)

Visit our modular course page for more information.

BCFT accepts payments by credit/debit card (except American Express) and bank transfer.