Royal Flypast


A few days ago there was a flypast to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

One of our former students currently fly’s one of the aircraft in the formation and there’s a good chance he’s flown the one being used ! Can you guess the type?



If your stuck, here’s a clue, he completed all of his training with BCFT, from PPL to MCC, after his training he gained employment with Flybe on the Bombardier Dash 8. He amassed invaluable experience and built on techniques learnt at BCFT before heading off to his new company. He’s now been happily flying for them for 4 months on the type in question… so do any of you know the type he fly’s, or the company he works for? The aircraft our former student fly’s from the Queens Birthday flypast is…


The A330 Voyager, he fly’s the Voyager for Air Tanker on behalf of the RAF. 

We train the next generation of commercial pilots, with our former students flying for all kinds of different Airlines and Operators throughout the world. 

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