Cadet Profile: Bradley

At Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training we train all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds to become the next germination of Commercial Airline Pilots.

We thought we would highlight this through Cadet Profiles. Our aim will be to introduce you to a new Cadet each Tuesday, showing you the path they took to BCFT.

Our First Cadet is Bradley, he started training with us in December on the Modular ATPL Ground School.

We asked him a few questions, and here are his answers.

Bradley is 17 and is planning on being one of the youngest holders of a (F)ATPL and if all goes to plan and we are sure it will, most likely one of the youngest holders of a ATPL once he turns 21 with all the relevant experience!

He completed GCSE’s and a BTEC in Aviation Studies through the Air Cadets and Leeds Aviation Academy. He completed his PPL on a mix of aircraft, flying both the Cessna 152 and 172 along with the standard PA28.

Like many of BCFT and Airline Pilot Academy‘s students Bradley wants to become an Airline Pilot and in an ideal world would love to work for TUI, currently flying under the brand of Thompson Airways.

Probably an important point for many of you reading this, why did Bradley choose BCFT? He decided to come to BCFT because he found us to be extremely friendly and helpful, something we are always pleased to hear. He also added that the courses we offer motivated him and was exactly what he was looking for.

Those of you who are still reading, Bradley has seen the Disney film Planes and yes he did enjoy it!

If reading this has made you interested in joining us, email us at for more information.