Courchevel Altiport and Jetfly

Gillian has been busy flying Jetfly‘s co-owners into the famous Courchevel Altiport in the ‘go anywhere’ Pilatus PC12.

Gillian is currently a First Officer with Jetfly on the PC12, operating in the multi crew role with experienced captains. She’s been with them for almost a year and says no two days are the same.

Did you know theres two Pilatus in the picture below, the restaurant on the hill is named Le Pilatus and even features one of Jetfly’s golden PC12 on the menu cover

Gillian said its fantastic having lunch at Le Pilatus with all the other crews, as often its not just the one Jetfly PC12 on ramp. She said its a great oppturnity to get to know one another, all sharing their love for the PC12 and its impressive abilities.

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