Pilatus Power

Heres our Pilatus PC12 flight deck post flight this afternoon. G-TRAT headed out with Blackadder 26 for an air test after receiving pressurisation checks post charter.

G-TRAT can seat up to 8 Passengers plus two crew, or 9 passengers plus one crew member. Theres even a toilet on board!

Earlier we posted about Prist, and what we use it for, if you didn’t already know, its a fuel additive to prevent the small amount of water in JET A1 from freezing at altitude, we add Prist to the PC12’s fuel to ensure there’s no ice to be found in its tanks! 

G-TRAT is now safely back in our Hangar, thanks to the helping hands and eyes of a few students, plus the skilled driving of Blackadder 26 on our tug.

Did you know? Our next Airline Pilot Academy integrated flight training course starts on the 30th January. We will also have an ATPL ground school class starting around the same date. Head to www.bcft.aero for more information.