ATC Air Traffic Control
ATPL Air Transport Pilot Licence
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CFI Chief Flying Instructor
Class One Medical Standard of medical required to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence
Complex Type Aircraft with a retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propeller
CPL Commercial Pilot Licence
The licence required to fly for monetary gain.
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
FI Flight Instructor
FNPTII Simulator Approved for Professional Flight Training
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
Flight in poor weather conditions ie cloud
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
Rating required to fly in IFR conditions
IR Instrument Rating
Advanced rating to fly in IFR conditions and controlled air space
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities
JAR Joint Aviation Requirements
The new European wide organisation responsible for standardisation of Civil Aviation in JAA Member States.
MCC Multi Crew Co-Operation Course
MEP Multi Engine Piston Rating
Conversion from single engine aircraft to twin engine
NQ Night Qualification / Rating
Allow the pilot to fly at night
PF Pilot Flying
PNF Pilot Not Flying
PPL Private Pilot Licence
PPL (A) PPL – Fixed Wing ie aeroplane
PPL (H) PPL – Rotary ie helicopter
RT Radio Telephony Licence
The licence required to use the radio
SEP Single Engine Piston
Skill Test CPL or IRT Test
VFR Visual Flight Rules – flight in favourable weather conditions