Multi-Engine Mondays!

We had a great start to the week with 3 first-time passes MEP tests.

Two of the tests were taken by Nick and Quentin who are both also working towards that all-important IR test, and the third was pass was for Tim who came to us just for a week to get his MEP rating before heading back to the Congo to continue his flying.

Well done guys!

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Well done to Ian and Nirusan!

They have taken and passed their final skills test with us at BCFT.

Both students have been with us since they started studying for their ATPLs in our residential ground school.

Thereafter, they went on separate paths for their flight training.

Nirusan, being an integrated student, headed off to Florida to complete his experience building and CPL before heading back to the UK for his IR.

Ian, a modular student, opted to take his IR first before moving onto a reduced CPL course.

They have both worked hard during their training and have dealt very well with the dynamic world of aviation.

Congratulations again guys!
Best of luck in the future.

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First Time IR!

With his IR complete, this wraps up Alexander’s flight training with us.

Alex commenced his flight training with us at the beginning of May, working towards the Commercial Pilot License which he quickly went through and earning himself a first-time pass at the end of it.

This trend also transferred to the IR course, with Alex absorbing all new information and utilising what he knew onto the sim and then onto the aircraft.

The IR exam took him with EXM58 to Alderney and landing back into Bournemouth with a first-time pass. Alex will head over to Simtech Flight Simulation on Monday to complete his final phase of training before looking for that all important first job!

It has been great having you Alex and we wish you a best of luck in your career.

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Instrument Flight Rules!

There are two sets of regulations governing all aspects of civil aviation aircraft operations; Visual and Instrument Flight Rules.

Visual Flight Rules, the clue being in the name, relies on the operation of the aircraft through visual cues to maintain orientation.

The Instrument Flight Rules liken themselves away from this by operating solely on the aircraft instruments throughout all phases of the flight.

Our CFI, BLD08, and student Alexander can be seen taxiing on our apron towards the holding point. Unlike his peers who are on the PPL and CPL course, Alex can brave the bad weather as he can take off, fly and land in conditions that would be unsuitable for them.

Having just left the sim, flying in this weather will be a good tester on what Alex has learnt so far. We are sure Alex will learn a lot from this flight and will help push him closer to the skills test.

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Course Zulu!

A warm welcome to course Zulu!

They are our latest course for the residential ATPL ground school that we offer.

Their first week which we dub as week 0 consists of a recap on maths and physics as understanding both these topics are essential for the course.

Furthermore, they will refresh their memories on how to use the CRP-5, an equipment that can get any mathematical question in the course providing that you know how to manipulate it.

With Week 1 now commencing of the ATPL’s we hope that their starter week has helped and that they are prepped up.

Good luck Zulu!
Make every day for the next 6 months count.

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William’s Walk Around!

Before any aircraft goes flying, a walk around must be conducted by the flight crew.

We call this the A check and it aims to look for any damage or deterioration that could affect the aircraft’s security.

Will, our newest student currently on his MEP, can be seen checking one of our BE76 Duchess’.

During his check, he did notice that the oil on the starboard engine needed topping up before his flight and as pictured, he can be seen performing the task.

With Will satisfied with the aircraft, he took off to continue his training towards the 6 Hour MEP course before heading into the Alsim for the IR.

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Ian Completes His IR!

We hope you enjoyed doing your IR in the fantastic weather we’ve been having Ian!

With your Instrument Rating completed, we hope the weather stays as it is just a little while longer whilst you do your CPL.

Upon completion of the ATPL ground school with us, Ian opted to complete the IR before the CPL. This meant he would have had to do 55 hours in the IR as opposed to 45.

He will now move onto the reduced CPL course entailing 15 hours, flying the BE76 Duchess.

Congratulations Ian!

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Danial’s First Solo!

Well Done Danial!

Dan is one of our modular students, currently doing his PPL.

Today, he went on his very first solo here at Bournemouth airport, flying one of our PA28 Cadets.

Already, he has demonstrated his prowess amongst his peers despite being only 16 years old. Dan has only accumulated 11 hours of flight time with us before going solo. This is well below the average time of 15 hours that it usually takes.

With what we’ve been hearing about Dan from his instructors, we are certain that he will soar through his course smoothly.

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Bradley’s CPL Pass

Looking cool Bradley!

Bradley joined us from South Africa to do his CPL and IR for the purpose of converting his license.

He had been training for his CPL with our instructor BLD10. Due to Bradley’s experience, it did not take long before he was put forward for his skills test.

Bradley was examined by CAA examiner EXM108 on Wednesday, flying to Evercreech before being diverted to Cerne Abbas.

He landed back into Bournemouth with a solid pass from EXM108.

Bradley will now move forward to do his MEP and then to the Instrument Rating which we are sure he will be able to get through smoothly.

Congratulations Bradley!

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Igino Passes His CPL!

Congratulations to Igino who recently passed his CPL exam with EXM58.

Igino joined us for his CPL initially flying our PA28 Cadets before moving onto our single engine complex aircraft, the PA28R Arrow with his instructor and CFI, Blackadder 08.

He has been a hardworking and dedicated student throughout his training, and with BLD08 as his mentor, Igino’s flying has been kept sharp which allowed him to pass his CPL skills test.

Igino will now proceed on wards to the IR where he will spend time in our simulator before flying our BE76 Duchess fleet.

Congratulations Igino, all the best in your IR!

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