Well Done Will!

Congratulations to Will who walked through his IR test on Sunday and came back with a first time pass!

Will started with us at the beginning of August and trained for the MEP and IR with BLD26. As he now has his IR Will can go on to do a reduced CPL which consists of 10hrs in the Piper Cadet and 5hrs in the Piper Arrow, which has a variable pitch prop and retractable undercarriage.

Enjoy flying VFR again Will and good luck!

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Alpha 1 ATPL

Our new intake of modular students have joined us this week ready to start the ATPL ground school.

Alpha 1 already have their heads down as our ground instructors extract what they remember about maths and physics from their school days.

Next week they will officially start the ground school, studying General Navigation, Human performance and limitations and Airframe/systems/power plant/electrics.

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Course Yankee Starts Groundschool!

Here’s course Yankee, our most recent intake of residential ground school students who have started their journey of becoming commercial airline pilots. There are some new and returning faces, Chris only recently completed his PPL with us and has jumped into the classroom with no delay.

They have already experienced their first week of the ATPL ground school and are hard at work for Phase One. Our instructors will take them through 650 hours of teaching whilst making good use of our E-Learning resource, Padpilot, to get the best out of our students.

The next 6 months won’t be easy but with the guidance of our instructors along with hard work and determination, they will come out of it ready for their next step in becoming commercial pilots.

If you would like to join our ATPL ground school or would like to know more, then get in touch. 

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Alex Passes CPL First Time!

And that’s another first-time pass!

Alexander flew from our Bournemouth Base with a CAA examiner who tested him on his ability to navigate, handling of the aircraft, as well as putting Alex to the test by simulating emergencies.

Alex has trained with our CFI, BLD08, who brought him up to speed for his skills test. Through BLD08’s mentoring, Alex flew our PA28 Arrow, Hotel Juliet, safely and skilfully throughout all phases of the flight and clearly left an impression on the examiner.

Alex, who already holds an MEP, will now head into the FNPTII with BLD08 to start training for the Instrument Rating.

Congratulations Alex and keep working hard!

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Quentin Passes CPL First Time!

Congratulations to Quentin from all of us at BCFT!

Quentin joined us at the end of April and trained with our instructor BLD10. He flew to an excellent standard throughout his 25 hour CPL and was quickly put forward for his CPL skills test.

Quentin took off with EXM58 on a planned route to the village of Street, in the county of somerset before being asked to do a diversion. Having successfully completed the divert, he then proceeded onwards to Exeter where he completed a series of circuits. Finally, Quentin was then tested on his general handling skills and basic instrument flying before flying back to Bournemouth where he received the fantastic news of having passed his CPL first time!

Quentin will now proceed onto the MEP next week to continue the rest of his training, after a weekend of celebration.

Congratulations and best of luck in the rest of your training!

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100% Pass Rate!

A huge congratulations to our ATPL students, who today, have received the news that they have ALL passed their exams this week.

The ATPL exams are not a walk in the park and so we are very proud to hear that every single one of our residential students sitting exams this week, all passed. This achievement is a reflection of how hard they have worked in the past 2 months.

For some individuals, it is the end of ground school having completed the 14 theoretical exams. As for the other students, they now have a weekend outside of the books to unwind themselves, ready for the next phase of exams on Monday. They will be rejoining the classroom with our new intake of ground school students, ready to take on the next set of exams.

Congratulations and keep working hard!

If you would like to join our ATPL ground school or would like to know more, then get in touch. 

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Good Luck!

We would like to wish all the best to our current ground school students who are sitting their ATPL exams this week at Gatwick.

We know that under the guidance of our excellent ground school instructors and Padpilot’s fantastic E-Learning resources, our students will receive great results.

If you would like to join our ATPL ground school or would like to know more, get in touch. 

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Flight Instructor Course

It’s another rainy, grey day here at BCFT but that doesn’t mean we’re not busy, especially our current FIC students, Mark and Tony, who have plenty of briefings to work on.

The FIC entails 30 hours of flying, of which 25 is with the instructor and 5 with a fellow student on a mutual flight to consolidate what you have learnt.

As an instructor, you’ll not only be teaching in the air but also on the ground too. As a result, you will go through a comprehensive 125-hour ground school where you will be taught how to deliver briefings in order to achieve the best understanding out of your students.

The course ends with a skill test, where you will have to “teach” and examiner by delivering a pre-flight brief before taking off and teaching the exercise in the air. Needless to say, we are more than confident in all students under BLD26’s guidance who’s most previous intake all passed the first time.

So if you want to become an instructor, then get in touch! 

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Don’t get “tide” down!

Our student’s benefit from having hotel accommodation just minutes from the golden beaches of Bournemouth. This ideal location allows for those flying and for those studying hard in the ATPL groundschool to have a place to unwind after a days work.

The fantastic weather on the south coast not only allows for ideal flying conditions but permits our students to enjoy a few weekend BBQs on the beach or allows them to cycle or walk along Bournemouth’s miles long promenade.

So if you want to make the most of the UK flying weather (perhaps not on days like today) and a hotel exclusive to our students, then get in touch! 

 01202 596 955

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Course Yankee 4-06-2018

Course Yankee will be our latest intake of modular students ready to start the ATPL Ground school on the 4th of June.

The ground school is one of the biggest phases of flight training where students will have 750 hours of tuition that will prepare them for the 14 ATPL exams that they will have to pass.

Course Yankee will start off by getting them up to speed with their maths, physics and use of the CRP-5 which would all come in handy during the ground school. With the help of our instructors and our courseware provider Padpilot, our students will be well prepared to take on the challenges that the ATPL ground school brings.

If you want to find out more about flight training or the ground school courses that we offer then get in touch 
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