Bradley’s CPL Pass

Looking cool Bradley!

Bradley joined us from South Africa to do his CPL and IR for the purpose of converting his license.

He had been training for his CPL with our instructor BLD10. Due to Bradley’s experience, it did not take long before he was put forward for his skills test.

Bradley was examined by CAA examiner EXM108 on Wednesday, flying to Evercreech before being diverted to Cerne Abbas.

He landed back into Bournemouth with a solid pass from EXM108.

Bradley will now move forward to do his MEP and then to the Instrument Rating which we are sure he will be able to get through smoothly.

Congratulations Bradley!

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Igino Passes His CPL!

Congratulations to Igino who recently passed his CPL exam with EXM58.

Igino joined us for his CPL initially flying our PA28 Cadets before moving onto our single engine complex aircraft, the PA28R Arrow with his instructor and CFI, Blackadder 08.

He has been a hardworking and dedicated student throughout his training, and with BLD08 as his mentor, Igino’s flying has been kept sharp which allowed him to pass his CPL skills test.

Igino will now proceed on wards to the IR where he will spend time in our simulator before flying our BE76 Duchess fleet.

Congratulations Igino, all the best in your IR!

If you would like to follow in Igino’s footsteps, then get in touch. 

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BLD28 Is IR Ready!

Congratulations to Joel who has just passed his IR!

Joel flew our BE76 Duchess with CAA examiner EXM58 across the English Channel towards his test route, Alderney.

Joel successfully flew to Alderney under instrument flight rules before joining the beacon to do a series of holds and NDB approaches.

He concluded his Exam with an ILS back into Bournemouth where he received the news that he had passed his IR first time. This added onto his impressive record with us with first time passes in all stages of flight training from the ground school to the IR.

While this concludes his flight training with us, Joel will remain at BCFT instructing under the callsign BLD28.

Congratulations Joel!

If you would like to follow in Joel’s footsteps, then get in touch. 

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Nick Aces His CPL Exam

Whilst everyone was watching the world cup on Saturday, Nick was in the air completing his CPL skills test.

Nick joined us at the beginning of last month straight after finishing his ATPL exams and quickly progressed his way through the course.

He flew on Saturday with EXM58 to demonstrate his ability to conduct a navigation exercise, a diversion, along with his general handling of the aircraft.

After landing back into Bournemouth, he received the fantastic news that he had passed the CPL skills test first time!

A massive congratulations from all of us at BCFT!

If you would like to follow in Nick’s footsteps, then get in touch. 

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Smiles After The First Solo.

Your face when you go on your first solo…

Congratulations to Mojtaba who passed his air law exam, went on his first solo flight and came back with a big thumbs up!

The first solo is one of the most daunting but memorable experiences during training. Evident from Mojtaba’s smile, you always land with a great sense of accomplishment, having completed a whole circuit amongst all of Bournemouth’s air traffic.

Well done Mojtaba, great achievement!

If you want to follow in his footsteps, then be sure to get in touch 
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Daniel Graduates!

Congratulations to Daniel who recently graduated with us.

Dan joined us at BCFT to do his ATPL ground school in August last year, finishing with exemplary results. Daniel continued this trend by finishing first time with us on both his CPL and now, his instrument rating.

Dan is now at Simtech Flight Simulation in Dublin, ready to start his MMC/JOC.

Congratulations Dan! Have fun in Dublin and don’t spend too much time at Temple Bar.

If you want to follow in Dan’s footsteps, then be sure to get in touch 
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BBQ Weather

Flying weather is Barbecue weather.

Yesterday, we hosted a Barbecue and watched the England match, at our student accommodation hosted by our very own CTKI, Paul Kay.

Our students certainly enjoyed the casual atmosphere and more importantly, the burgers and hot dogs! The course is a tough one and it’s great to see our students relax every now and then.

We know Paul is a good instructor but we’re not so sure about his selfie game…

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It’s another CAVOK day!

When our students see this term on a TAF or METAR, they know it is going to be a good day of flying.

Does anyone know what it means?

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Ollie’s CPL Profile Flight!

It’s the start of another week of flying!

With fantastic weather being projected for the rest of the month, Oliver and our in house examiner BLD16 have made good use of it by going on Ollie’s CPL profile flight on our BE76 Duchess fleet.

The profile flight is essentially a mock skills test that determines whether or not a student is ready for the real exam with a CAA examiner. BLD16 will put Ollie through his paces during the flight, covering all that he has learnt during his CPL training.

If the flight goes well then Ollie will be recommended for test.

Best of luck Ollie!
We hope to be writing about your success in the near future.

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Keep going guys!

It’s nearly the weekend!

This means our students will get to relax after a long week of flying. However, some of our students will still be hard at work.

Mark and Tony are nearing the end of their Flight Instructor course. They will have a weekend to refine all they have learnt from their instructor BLD26 in preparation for their test.

Keep going guys, you’re nearly there!

If you’re interested in the FI course that we offer then be sure to get in touch 
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