ATPL Ground School

Calling all future Airline Captains! Our next modular ATPL ground school commences on the 5th June 2017! Join the ‘Blackadder’ family and allow us to support you on your way to the flight deck.

We keep our class sizes small to ensure maximum contact with instructors, ensuring any problems you may face during your time on the ground school are quickly resolved.

Over 700 hours of Tuition, meaning we don’t skip over any parts of the syllabus, everything is taught in depth and in detail ensuring you have the knowledge to progress.

Taught by experienced ground instructors and joined by current and former Airline training Captains.

We have partnered with Padpilot to ensure our students recieve the best study material, constantly updated and current, ensuring those important first time pass results.

Want to know more? Contact us! Email us at for more information.