BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training

The BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training course partnership between BCFT and Kingston University combines the experience of one of the longest established commercial flight training schools in the UK, with the skills required to become a pilot and a future aviation leader.

In Year 2 you’ll enjoy being based at BCFT (at Bournemouth International Airport), flying in commercial airspace over the stunning scenery of the south coast.

Why You’ll Like This Course

As part of this unique syllabus, you’ll study the 13 Theoretical Knowledge exams needed to obtain a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ATPL (A) licence.

As well as pilot training, this course offers knowledge of the operational, technical and commercial aspects of the airline industry, to help you stand out at future job interviews.

In addition, Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training’s partnership with the Florida Institute of Technology gives a further, exciting opportunity for practical flight training in the USA.

What you’ll study

Year 1

Year 1 introduces aviation and equips you with the maths and physics skills needed for Years 2 and 3. You are introduced to the theory of flight and the aircraft systems that enable aircraft to fly. You are also provided with the core communication skills required to become a pilot and a future leader.

Year 1 Core Modules

  • Engineering Design and Professional Practice
  • Engineering Mechanics, Structures & Materials
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computing Applications
  • Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Science

Year 2

In Year 2 you are taught the specialised topics required for pilot training. The content is aligned with the 13 theoretical knowledge subjects required to achieve a CAA ATPL(A) licence. You are encouraged to keep a reflective written log of your training.

Year 2 Core Modules

  • Professional Development for Commercial Airline Pilots
  • 13 ATPL Theory Exams
  • Practical Flight Training Up To And Including The Instrument Rating
  • APS Course Completed in Dublin
  • UPRT Completed After The APS

Year 3

In Year 3, the focus is on understanding the operational and commercial nature of the airline industry. You are given the opportunity to research a topic of your choice to enhance your independent learning skills. You will also carry out a group project on airline management.

Year 3 Core Modules

  • Aerospace Technology
  • Individual Project – Aviation Studies
  • Air Transport Economics
  • Airline Operations and Scheduling

What You’ll Get Out of This Course

Knowledgeable instructors and modern teaching techniques will ensure a solid training foundation for students on this course. The combination of core modules and specialised topics should allow you to gain a greater understanding and ultimately achieve very good ATPL results – In turn, this will help impress future employers at the interview stage.

The overall aim of the BSc (Hons) Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training course is to strike the right balance between university education and pilot training. In addition, we hope that students will make lifelong friends and enjoy the learning experience before looking forward to a new career as an airline pilot.

Interested? You can get in touch with the team at BCFT or contact Kingston University here: