Cadet to PC-12

We know you’re not supposed to have favourites…

Our neighbours took advantage of the extra space on our apron today whilst manoeuvring, safe in the knowledge our single fleet wouldn’t be going anywhere today due to the weather!

The PC-12 is very much loved here at BCFT with many of our former students employed flying them on a day to day basis and current students often get a sneak peek at our very own PC-12! This versatile aircraft has the ability to perform a number of different roles without sacrificing on the safety and performance you would expect from a twin-engine aircraft.

Everyone has to start somewhere, our single engined fleet is used from the very first flight right through to CPL training…can you tell which is the Cadet and which is the Arrow?

Interested in finding out how to go from the Cadet to the Pc-12?  Email us at for more information