Dan and his Camera

Dan is one of our former Kingston University students who after completing his course has joined us back at BCFT HQ in Bournemouth to complete his CPL and ME/IR.

When you get to know Dan, you will get to know one thing more than anything, he loves taking photos, and he’s very good at it! Heres a picture of our beloved Duchess November November taken whilst Dan was studying for his Degree and ATPL’s at our Bournemouth HQ.

Dan then went to study at Kingston for his third and final year and completing his degree and obtaining a First Class Honours. He’s now back with us and doing just as well with his flying!

In partnership with Kingston University we now offer a slightly different course, with students studying for the University aspect of the course solely at Kingston and the flying under the Airline Pilot AcademyIntegrated branding with us at Bournemouth and in the U.S.A.

Interested? Contact us today to discuss your options. Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.