Guess the Type

Its already been a busy morning at our Bournemouth base today, with the Blackadder’s getting airborne from 8:30am!

We have however managed to sneak off and grab this photo of one of our aircraft, one we haven’t taken a photo of recently.

Can you guess the aircraft in the picture?

If you haven’t guessed already heres a few clues as to the aircraft in question.

– Its one of only four on the G register.
– It has low pressure tyres allowing unique operations
– It seats up to 10 pax but we operate it in a 6 seat VIP config
– It has a T tail

If you still haven’t guessed heres one final clue, the biggest of all….

– Its powered by a PT6A Turbine engine with 4 blade prop.

Now everyone should know, its one of our favourites after all and soon we will even be offering training on the type.

Email us at for more information.