Integrated vs Modular Commercial Pilot Training

Having chosen which career path you want to embark on, you’ll be faced with a few key questions including; which training route is most suited to you (Integrated Pilot Training vs Modular Pilot Training) and which flight school is best. In addition, from the moment that you decide you want to be a commercial pilot you will need to make sure you are eligible for a CAA Class 1 Medical.

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The next question you face is which training route should you take – Integrated vs Modular Pilot Training?

integrated and modular pilot training courses

Commercial Pilot Training Tailored to You

Fundamentally, there are two pathways to complete your commercial pilot training: modular and integrated. We firmly believe that it is important to find a training programme that is best suited to you.

Pilot training is a very personal matter and, hopefully, only ever done once! At BCFT we pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service to each individual student. With tailored quotes for the CPL – MEP – MEIR, our integrated pilot training course or the Jetline Modular programme we can take you from wherever you are in your training right through to the final stage.

Aside from the course itself, one of the most important things when researching flight training is to find the right training centre for you. We encourage each of our prospective students to arrange a personalised visit to get a feel of the school in full operation.

Instructor to Student Ratio

Each of our courses are structured to guarantee an instructor to student ratio that is optimised through each phase of training. This ensures one of the highest success rates in the UK.

So, Integrated vs Modular Commercial Pilot Training?

Integrated Pilot Training Course

Generally speaking our integrated students are between 18 and their mid-20s. This structured, full time course suits the younger trainee pilot as the transition from full time education to training is very natural.

Our Integrated Course is right for you if:

  • You can commit to 18months full time training
  • You want an immersive & structured experience
  • The opportunity to fly abroad at our fair-weather base in Florida interests you
  • 10 payment installments over 18months is feasible

So why doesn’t everybody choose the integrated course? What does one course offer that the other doesn’t?

The biggest factor is which route is best suited to your requirements, be it financially or the ability to commit for only short periods at a time.

Commercial Pilot Training

Modular Pilot Training Course

Our Jetline Modular Programme tends to attract our more mature students due to the appeal of having the freedom to control the pace and order of your training. You can earn as you learn. This allows you to plan ahead with work and family commitments and financially.

Our Modular Programme is right for you if you:

  • Can’t commit to a full 18 months
  • Require more flexibility within your training schedule
  • Want a tailored programme based on your current experience*

*there is a crediting allowance for the integrated course if you hold a PPL, please contact us if you have any queries in relation to this.

Funding for Pilot Training

Whilst it is a commercial pathway we adopt a personalised approach to your training. We’ll create the airline pilot from the person, matching your ambition to become a pilot with ours of training the best pilots. Course costs reflect our market leading training, location and the personal attention we are able to give each student.

All our courses are self-funded, view our finance page for further details on pricing and funding options. Ultimately our aim is to enable you to enjoy the attractive starting salaries and varied lifestyle in your career as a pilot.


Commercial Pilot Training at Bournemouth

BCFT is based at Bournemouth International Airport in Dorset, on the South Coast of England and with arguably some of the best flying conditions in the UK, it is an ideal location to complete your Commercial Pilot Training.

Outside of flying and studying, the lively town of Bournemouth has plenty to offer students. Being a popular tourist destination, Bournemouth has an abundance of excellent restaurants, bars and nightclubs to help students unwind. Bournemouth is also home to 7 miles of award-winning beaches, with two traditional piers and regular water sports activities. Your time here will be remembered.

commercial flight training bournemouth

We also provide student accommodation at our hotel in Westcliff, Bournemouth, just a short walk from the town centre.

Take the first step to becoming a Pilot Today

We offer training from zero experience to your frozen ATPL regardless of which course you choose, so the final question to consider is – are we the right school for you?

We encourage each of our prospective students to arrange a personalised visit. You’ll get the opportunity to meet current students, chat to our team of instructors and really get a feel of the school in full operation. We’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to see you.

Our team are always on hand to help you identify which training path is the most beneficial to you. If you are still unsure then do not hesitate to call us on 01202 596955 or email