Our Courses

Heres Farouq with Blackadder 01 aboard our Duchess Mike Whisky earlier on today. This was Farouq’s second lesson back on the Duchess after flying the Cadet fleet during his CPL training.

We offer various courses one of them being the Multi Engine CPL with Single Engine basic training that Farouq is undertaking. This reduces costs and maximises learning. For this course, students complete the MEP (6 Hours) then the basic CPL training on the PA28 (15 hours) and then the Advanced CPL training (10 hours) on the BE76 Duchess Multi Engine.

The CPL test includes the multi engine rating, saving costs again. This means we can offer a tailored course, thats competitive and well suited to the next generation of airline pilots.

Want to know more? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.