Our Family

Our flight instructors have a diverse range of backgrounds, with many of them current flight examiners and commercial pilots.

Below is a picture of Blackadder 16 taxing past our Bournemouth base only moments ago. In his spare time he manages and captains a Beechcraft Premier Jet, flying all over Europe from Bournemouth. He’s not just a captain though, he’s also a TRI and TRE on the type.

Blackadder 24 our Head of Training can also boast an impressive background, he’s a current Super Kingair and Turbocommander TRI and TRE plus a Citation Mustang training captain with for one of Europes largest Air Taxi operators.

The famous Blackadder 26 also has a vast background in Special Operations, flying the Falcon 20 from Bournemouth. In later years flying both the Flacon 20 and 200, the Cessna Citation 525 fleet and like Blackadder 16 the Premier Jet to. Most recently he’s become a Class Rating Examiner and Instructor on the Pilatus PC12.

Blackadder 01 has a background in simulator engineering, designing and building sims for many of the worlds airlines and even air forces. He became and Instructor and Examiner many years ago and has thousands of instructional hours, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing.

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