Spin training on the FI course

Here’s Joel, one of our soon to be Blackadder’s about to set off for his first lesson on Spinning.

Joel left only moments ago with Blackadder 26 in our Beagle Pup to take on the challenges of Spinning on the FI course that we hold at BCFT.

Joel is working his way through the course steadily, building up the hours and experience to become one of our newest Flying Instructors. On completion of the course he will take up one of the now famous callsigns and become a true Blackadder.

The Pup is a superb aircraft to use for Spin Training, being Aerobatic (within certain G loading) the aircraft can take everything Blackadder 26 can throw at it!

Joel is putting together a video of his training and on completion hopefully we will be able to share it with you all, showing the course from CPL holder to FI!

Interested in joining us? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.