The weather is on our side

The weather is on our side today, with good weather comes a busy fleet! Its only just lunchtime but all the aircraft have been on several trips today!

Heres Tango Zulu one of our PA28 Cadets and Mike Whisky one of our BE76 Duchess on a crew change, preparing to head out once again for those busy training flights.

The PA28 cadet fleet is currently being used by CPL students, building up experience and knowledge before moving over to our PA28 Arrow HJ or onto the Duchess fleet to gain complex experience before CAA Flight Test.

The Duchess fleet is most busy with our IR and MEP students, with several coming towards the end of their training and preparing for the CAA flight test, one of the last they’ll have before commencing a type rating with future employers.

Interested in following in there footsteps? Email us at for more information.