Well Done Aaron!

Congratulations to Aaron from all of us at BCFT!

Aaron joined us at the end of August and completed his MEP and IR with our senior instructors.

Once Aaron had passed his IR he moved straight onto the SECPL – Single Engine Commercial Pilots Licence. This he completed with BLD10 in the minimum time required, 15 hours!

Today Aaron took off with EXM58 on a planned route to Pilton and was diverted to Axminster. Having successfully completed the divert, Aaron was then tested on his general handling skills and basic instrument flying and then it was back to base for a few circuits. Easy as that!

Aaron has been an exemplary student who has been diligent and hard-working throughout his time here and has got on with students and instructors alike.

Now it’s on to Simtech Flight Simulation to complete the MCC/JOC and he can start applying for jobs!

Congratulations again and a very well done, it’s been a pleasure having you here.

Fancy following in Aaron’s footsteps? Then email info@bcft.aero or phone 01202 596 955.