Well Done Farouq, IR Skills Test Pass!

The BCFT team would like to wish a huge Congratulations to Farouq our former Operations Controller and all round great guy on passing his Instrument Rating Skills test!

Farouq flew aboard November November one of our BE76 Duchess multi engine trainers with EXM91 down to the small Island of Alderney, completing NDB Holds and a timed procedural approach before returning home to Bournemouth for the ILS and single engine go around.

During the test he also had to fly in controlled class A airspace along the Quebec 41 and on return completing GH, including partial panel, stalls and steep turns aerial work.

He has done extremely well, working hard throughout and ensuring that every lesson was a success. Always a pleasure to have around, BCFT wont be the same with out, something we can all agree on.

Farouq is pictured with Alpha Tango, a recent addition to the fleet and a Duchess familiar to the airport and even our apron!

Again, Well Done Farouq from all of the Blackadder team!

Interested in following in his footsteps? Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information. HL