Well Done Faz!

Its time to wish our legendary former Operations Controller a huge CONGRATULATIONS for completing his CPL CAA flight test successfully!

Well Done Farouq, your hardwork, dedication and above all else positive outlook has paid off, meaning you are now a Commercial Pilot. It wont be long before your leaving us to join one of the many airlines throughout Europe who would be privileged to have you.

Farouq completed the Multi Engine CPL flying our BE76 Duchess fleet over the course of 25 hours of training. He flew with all the team, from Blackadder 08 and 10 through to legends like Blackadder 01 and 26. Never one to shy away, he was always at BCFT and ready for ‘action’.

We are sure your IR will be just like your CPL, a breeze. Again, well done, now time for a small rest before the sim!

Email us at info@bcft.aero for more information.