Jack Wilkinson

Course: Modular ATPL, MEP, CPL, IR

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I joined BCFT in July 2021 to complete my MECPL and MEIR. I originally started out my journey elsewhere on an integrated course, but largely thanks to Covid was forced to rethink my plans and went down the modular training route. BCFT was recommended to me by one of my ground school course mates, and I never looked back.
Ellie & the team were very accommodating from the outset, and after several lockdowns passed, I finally managed to complete my hour building and start with BCFT. My instructor, Lance Plews, was brilliant and hugely experienced as both an instructor and senior examiner. It was clear from the beginning that the standards were set very high and this no doubt stood me in good stead for 2 first time passes. I’m very grateful for all his hard work and patience with me.
The setup at Bournemouth is really good, and aircraft and instructor availability was well managed. I think in the 3 months I was there I only had one cancelled flight and that was due to weather! The aircraft, especially the Duchesses, were a real upgrade from the C152s and PA28s I’d been used to, and the G500s in the twins were a fantastic avionics set up. The simulator was perfect for the IR training, and after spending 25 hours there switching back to the aircraft was relatively stress free.
I stayed at the Silver How whilst at BCFT, and was very well looked after by Mike Taylor the manager. On my first day I arrived at the address I’d been given, and convinced myself I must have been at the wrong place because it was so well maintained and cared for, with rows of well watered flowers in all the window boxes – there was no way this could be student accommodation! Turns out it was, and I had an awesome few months there. It’s a stone’s throw from the beach too which in the summer is perfect.
I’d highly recommend BCFT for advanced flight training. You are treated very much like a person and not like a number on a spreadsheet, and it makes a real difference. Special thanks to Alex & Peter on ops who were always super accommodating, to Bob & Phil for all their help organising my complex licensing requirements, as well as to Mark, Jon & Nick for all their advice along the way too.