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Course: Modular ATPL, MEP, CPL, IR

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Sunday 17th January saw me completing my final course with BCFT and the end of an epic journey. This has taken me from ATPL ground school, through all my commercial flying training (CPL/ME/IR) to finishing with the flight instructor course. Despite the COVID restrictions of the last year, the school has supported my progress throughout. I am pleased to say that the decision to join BCFT has been a resounding success.

I have followed the modular training route to commercial flying. In August 2019, I joined five other candidates for our baptism into airline pilot training and later, joined by undergraduates from Kingston university, continued through the three phases of ground school. I’m pleased to report the hard work paid off and I achieved 94% average across the 14 subjects.

As a modular student I had many options available to me for my flying training, in the UK and abroad. What I liked about BCFT was that I got to meet many of the flight instructors delivering the training to those of us who would pass the milestone of our ground exams. I saw and experienced the quality of this training when I completed my night rating during my final phase of ground school. This led me to decide that continuing with BCFT, gave me the best chance for success going forward as well as presenting a consistent training history to future employers.

I elected to complete all my commercial flying training on multi-engine aircraft. The school operate the Beech Duchess, BE76, which is an excellent and reliable platform to learn to fly from, with the added advantage of being a six lever aircraft.

I commenced flying training in February 2020, by September I had completed my commercial pilot’s license, multi-engine and instrument ratings. The school’s flight instructors were superb in maintaining consistency whilst working around 4 months of COVID shutdowns and enabled me to achieve first time passes for all the skills tests.

The aviation industry has seen some drastic changes and challenges over the last year, however the future success of the industry relies on the continued development of pilots. From the outset, my aim has been to become a flight instructor and BCFT were able to facilitate this with some exemplary training and a first time pass to seal the deal.

Huge thanks to BCFT and their outstanding array of instructors, delivering top quality training. All credit to Bob McGuire, Paul Kay, Richard Higham, Steve Webb and Lance Plews who were instrumental in my success. Finally a big thank-you to Ellie Clarke, BCFT customer services manager, who’s support throughout my course has been immeasurably helpful.